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Better Business Bureau

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Hi everyone - A potential client tried to check me out at the BBB's website. That sent a flag to the BBB because I am not a member, nor do I have any complaints logged against me or my business.


I received a call from the Better Business Bureau to set up a meeting with them so that I may get the information to join. It costs $400 USD. That is a lot of money for me right now. The benefits would be having a listing on their site and being able to post their badge on my website.


Do you belong to this organization? What are your thoughts? Would it be worth my while to sign up with them or just another marketing ploy that may or may not work?


Any insight you can provide will be appreciated.

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Here's my thoughts on the BBB.


You pay to be a 'member' so you can have a 'seal'.


Then if people have complaints you get marked/penalized or membership revoked.

If people have nice things to say about you, there is no place in their system to accommodate any positive feedback. Does having a seal mean you are a 'good company'? How can it when the only thing someone can register against you here is negative feedback.


This is direct from their website: "BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services"


In my view when you join the BBB you pay them a fee annually to say you are a good company yet they are not obligated to evaluate you in any way for good or bad. I personally don't see how their seal can have any validity if all it takes to get the seal is to pay a fee.





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The Better Business Bureau is a business, not a bureau. It is, IMO, an expensive farce.


If you want to learn about a business which has issues, they only tell you if there have been issues and if they were 'reported' as resolved. No other details.


Join your local Chamber of Commerce and be active. That is a strong recommendation -- that you support and are active, accepted and respected by your community.


My line to people who want to know if I or a client belongs to the BBB: "We live in a small town, therefore, membership would have to be regional and wouldn't have effective validity. However, Client belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce, serves on the board for the Chamber, has been president for x number of years and is extremely active and supportive of the Chamber events."


I don't argue about the value of the BBB or give my deeply held opinion. They called about my or the client's business and I don't want to get off in an argument about anything else.

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Hi Janet,


Well I am a new member of the BBB and I am glad to be one. Since my registration, I've received 3 contacts just from that listing. I am also on a monthly payment plan that fits well with my budget. In my welcome packet they will sent me several testimonial request to send to people I have or am currently doing business with to send them information to build my file so that they will not only have to go off complaints. Personally I find this to be helpful, but that is my :penny: . I guess it is really up to you and what you feel works best for you, but I hope this helps you in making your decision.

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