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Which Integrated POS Accounting Software do you recommend?

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Hi All!


Have not visit or spoke in ages. It is so refreshing to know there is always a reliable pool of people out there I can go and ask something and they will know what I am on about.


I am a plain and simple PeachTree Bookkeeper. So my meeting with a prospective client today was not too fruitful, she is thinking BIG and I am providing a very standard bookkeeping service. But hey you never know, we had a hell of a chat and something might be coming my way in the future.


She is looking for an all-in-one POS integrated bookkeeping system (real-time inventory) to implement in her new business that will have a website with a few shops all over the UAE, both products and services. PeachTree ain't the one. Anyone out there with experience of other integrated POS accounting software. So in essence I think she is rather looking for an Integrated Business Management System. I have heard several things about Everest, NetSuite, WinWard System 5, Sage Suite 200. Have you tried any of these what was your experience, or could you recommend something else she can look into.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.


(PS: The crunch is also heavy in the UAE, will be loosing a great retainer client end of Sep09, but hey I believe in change creates opportunities).


Kick hard VAs!

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Hi Sussa,

That sounds so exciting!!!! Intuit (QuickBooks) has a great POS accounting software. I've trained on it but have never used it with a client. I'm a QB Certified ProAdvisor, I haven't taken my certification in the POS software b/c I don't have any clients who would use it. Currently it's not a priority on my certs, but it will be. Here's a link for some more info on it, if you need any help or more info I can hook you up with my Intuit Rep-I love her, she's very informed and always helpful :D



If you have problems with the link, let me know.


That is so exciting for you, I love new clients that need new things-it's my favorite part of what I do for my clients. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I'd love to help you out -no cost to you....I would get to learn about another country's economy & accounting processes...seriously I would love to consult with you on it, FREE of charge.


I also have recently done some research on shopping carts & programs to integrate smoothly with QB for inventory tracking from ecommerce, so I do understand what your needs are for inventory control.


Hope to hear from you!

Have a great week!


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I second looking into Quickbooks. It might not be the solution your client is looking for, but it's certainly worth looking into. I'm a Certified ProAdvisor also but haven't taken my POS cert either.

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Thank you Kris & QPMS for your info and reply. Much appreciated Kris, thank you for your willingness to help gratis.

The easy part in the UAE is that there is no tax. The bad part is that all the (not customised) Accounting packages you buy is mostly generated for the US & tax market. Easy to inactive them, but still a pain. Also difficult to manipulate certain things in terms of the employee payroll, due to specific UAE Labour Law rules.

I also love new challenges, but this one I can for sure say is above my abilities. What she wants is huge... As said I think she is rather looking for someone to setup a Business Management System for her. But because I've gone the extra mile for her so far, she is eager to work with me in the future. I will keep you in mind Kris, it is great to know you out there.

I also suggested to her to maybe consider a total online setup like NetSuite, but again it will probably be better for her to get a local consultant that can physically setup all her POS, bar coding and integrate it with the warehouses, etc. Or am I wrong, do you think something like this might be possible to setup all online?

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