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Sharing a HARO Request

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I found this on HARO...thought there would be some here that could contribute.



Summary: Success Story - Laid Off to Happily Self-Employed


Name: Nat Couropmitree


Category: Business & Finance


Email: radio@prosperitylighthouse.com


Title: Radio Host


Media Outlet: BlogTalkRadio


Specific Geographic Region: N




Deadline: 01:10pm EASTERN - 09 October



"The Prosperity Lighthouse Show - Living Your Passion" internet radio show

is seeking guests for upcoming shows in December, January, February and

March. Ideal guests are those who were laid off (or quit) and are now

happier than they were before. Our guests are passionate about their work,

are happy with their lives, feel that they are making a difference in the

world, and love to share their success story to inspire others.


The show format is 60 minutes and is available for download as an MP3 afterward.

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I have a friend who tells me that I don't pay enough attention to HARO! He's found a couple things that would apply to me. Thanks for the general reminder although this topic isn't mine.

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I've been here a while and I don't know what or who HARO is either. Sherra, JudyAnn, educate us. Sounds like something of interest.

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I responded to that one!


I read the HARO for myself AND clients. I frequently find things that my clients are interested in responding to and they appreciate the extra effort on my part.


The HARO report is a service where writers and journalist will request sources for stories they are doing. It can get you some great, free publicity.



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A few tips to keep in mind when answering a HARO request:


- Never pitch off topic. It can't be stress enough because doing so will get you red-flagged.

- Do not use attachments but put your answers/tips in the body of the email.

- Do not tell the reporter to visit your website or any other links. Spoon feed them the data, and only the data, they are requesting.

- Address the individual by name, if a name is given.

- If the reporter is seeking expertise on multiple points and you can only speak to one topic then reply and address only that one point.

- Do not expect a reply back and don't follow up. Following up can get you red-flagged. The reporters simply don't have time to answer emails they need to meet deadlines.

- Never give out a reporter's email or contact them by the email in the request for anything other than the specific request being sought. Break the rules and you will get red-flagged.


If a reporter is interested they will email you or phone you. On occasion they may request to interview you. Sometimes it may take up to 1 month or more before their research is completed and other times the deadline is in a few hours.


Good luck,


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Well thanks, ladies, that's exactly what I wanted to know. I'll check it out and Karen, that's a fab idea. I think I'll keep it bookmarked for just such a purpose when I actually have clients! :D



Marie :balloon:

Deadline Met Virtual Assistant Services

Always on time. Always impeccable. Always.


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