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Has anyone ever heard of safecopybackup? I've been doing some research and I've found that out of Carbonite, iDrive, mozy, and safecopy that you get more bang for your buck out of safecopybackup?. It seems that the others are somewhat limited. Carbonite doesn't offer the ability to backup external drives, not all software types are available for back up (you can request a list of those file types to be sent to you), and limited backup versions. Mozy will allow you to back up multiple systems but you must have a separate subscription for each (i.e. 2 systems $55 each.) With safecopybackup? you have unlimited back up editions allowing you to restore from whatever version of a document you desire, backup as many systems as you desire under one subscription, and the list goes on.


My question to you guys is has anyone else ever used them and what has been your experience?

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Here's what I've come up with so far:


SafeCopyBackup $50 / year for 150GB of total online backup space for unlimited computers. Backs up most files "real time" but external or network drives are "scanned for changes every couple days".

I've never heard of them before today.


Mozy home free for up to 2GB backup space. Backs up at pre-determined times.


Mozy Pro desktops $3.95 + $0.50/GB per month / servers $6.95 + $0.50/GB per month. Set it up as either "automatic" or "scheduled" backup. Automatic backups are performed while your computer is not in use. Scheduled backups can be performed daily or weekly at a specified time of day.

Mozy has been around for more than a minute and has a good reputation.


Carbonite $54.95 for 1 year / $99.95 for 2 years / $129.95 for 3 years for unlimited backup space on a single computer. Can be set to either automatic or scheduled or even automatic with no backups during certain hours of the day. On a personal note, I love the color dots to show when something's backed up or pending or not even set for Carbonite to back it up.

Carbonite has also been around for more than a minute and has a good reputation.


Now, just because something hasn't been around that long doesn't necessarily mean it's not a good product, but you need to ask yourself with whom you want to entrust your client and personal data.


I actually have a multi-level backup system in place for myself. I have my laptop hooked up with Carbonite on the automatic backup. I've got my desktop hooked to an external hard drive that backs up every night (and I double check every so often to make sure it's ACTUALLY backing up - I also check Carbonite to see if it's backing up also). I sync my laptop with my desktop every morning. So I should never loose anything MAJOR, even if my house gets washed away in a flood or burns down or something. Yeah, I might be behind for a few days while I get a new computer up and running and reloaded with software & my files, but I WILL have my files!


I also have DropBox to share files between the two computers and also store and access them on-line. I can also share specific folders with other people who have DropBox (such as my clients, other VAs and my PTA board members). I LOVE DropBox. The free version gets you 2GB of space. If you'd like to get an additional .25GB, let me know via email and I'll send you a link to sign up with so you'll get 2.25GB. It's sort of like a referral link, but I don't get paid for it...I just get an extra .25GB added to my account also. I don't have everything in DropBox, but things I need to share with others are in there, and it's SO convenient.

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I've never heard of DropBox, but it sounds great.


The real reason I was interested in the SafeCopyBackup was because it backs up external drives. I'm in the process of getting my systems safe and I'm looking in to purchasing the Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition since it has dual hard drive and backs up your data twice in case one fails. I like this idea because I'm working with one system right now and until the client enrollment picks up, it is less expensive for me to purchase this type of hard drive and add an online service that will back them all up for less.


I would love to go with Carbonite but they don't offer this ability and Mozy does but I will have to purchase a more expensive package and pay by the GB.


I'm going to look into the DropBox service and please do send me the link for the extra space just in case I decide to go that route also.



Sherra, I really appreciate your feedback and support in this...THANK YOU!!

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Thank you guys, I've been doing some serious research and I've come across a lot of these same links. I just wanted to see if you guys were using anything other than Carbonite.


I really appreciate all of the time and effort you guys have put into looking into this for me and I think I'm at the point of making a decision really soon.


Again Thank YOU!!!!

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