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Hi Everyone,


There has been some Tweets about a possible meet-up on Vancouver Island and Tawyna we suggested we do a forum posts to see what can be arranged.


We have a number of VA's that I know personally in the Victoria area, and I would love the opportunity to meet more in person. If we can get a date that works, we may even be able to convince Tawyna to fly over for the day to join us.


If you're on Vancouver Island, especially in the Victoria area - do a quick reply and let me if you're interested.





OBM, VAClassroom.com


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I'm in Victoria and although I'm not working on my business full time at the moment I would love to meet other VA's in the area. I want to keep my networking skills fresh. :)


I have two small children ( 3 and 1 years old) so evenings would work best for me.


Hope to be able to meet you all.


Victoria Santiago

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I'd be flying over as the drive costs like $200 return for the ferry now and would take half a day to get there whereas if I fly, it's about half hour I think. We have a small flight school at our airpark at King George Aviation and I would have to arrange it around the availability of one of our airplanes not being used by a student. Being that I don't have my license yet, someone would have to fly me. I'll talk to Arnold about it. Another thing, if it was rainy or windy, we couldn't fly (these are ultralights) so it would also all be dependent on weather for me.


But, if we can work it all out, I'd love to pop over for the day!

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