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How Do You Decide What To Charge for Giving a Presentation?

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So, here's a fun twist. :-)


As a ghostwriter, some of my clients don't like to reveal that I write for them, and this is one of those cases.


While working for one particular client, I've noticed that some of her members could really benefit from my services as well and I asked if there was anyway I could assist them while still maintaining my client's confidentiality.


I'm glad I asked, because my client liked my idea... But instead she wants to hire me to give two webinar presentations to help her members improve in this particular area.


Now, how do I charge for this? Would it be my hourly rate? I don't have a presentation developed, but I don't mind putting one together because whatever I put together for her, I can easily adapt to use elsewhere. Or should I charge for prep time as well?


I would offer to do it for free, if she would let me promote my business during the session, but it doesn't sound like that will be the case. I will have to find out about that for sure.


Have you been asked to do something like this before?


How do you decide what to charge?


Thanks for any insight you can provide!


Warm regards,



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Awesome opportunity, Denise. :thumbup:


I haven't had this same request so I don't have firsthand experience to share but wondered if you had considered a project fee rate since you can repurpose the materials?


Would you be able to present the topics similar to how we have speakers present here? The client wouldn't need to share that you ghostwrite for him/her but introduce you as 'the expert' who can enlighten others with your tips and tricks. With this approach you may be free to gently promote your business and services perhaps even offering a special promo offer to try your services.


Best of luck,



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Ruth has a great idea to charge by the project

  • You will have a learning curve that can affect your hourly rate, but the 'therapy' of what you learn will be worth a lot
  • Re-PURPOSING. with a project fee, you can take the lead for the information, state up front that you are doing it for the client and FOR YOU. Your fee would be more of a license or rental of your information instead of becoming the client's information
Then, yes, go in as the expert with the zipped lips because your audience would very likely contact you for services anyway. (Unless you don't give them your name and wear a mask, they can go home and google all about you regardless of how you are introduced) :pirate: If you come in as the expert, you aren't trying to sort your loyalties while you continue to practice your confidentiality. You are just this wonderfully smart person your client met at the food court! rofl

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