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Received congratulatory letter from Congressman Paul Ryan

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Hi everyone. A few months back, I received the Wind Lake Chamber of Commerce's Outstanding Business Award. Along with being listing on their website, there were press releases sent out and an article written in our local paper.


Yesterday, I received a letter of congratulations from Congressman Paul Ryan, who represents the southeastern portion of Wisconsin in the House of Representatives! Paul_Ryan_Letter0001.pdf


I did notice that there appears to be some "mail-merge" type text at the bottom of the letter. Do you think that everyone who is mentioned from an award is added to a database and receives the same letter?


Would it be worthwhile to post this letter on my website? Would you put it as a link in the text about the award I won or should I put it on my Testimonials page? What would you do with this letter?

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Hi Janet,


It's disappointing that the admin assistant made a blunder by leaving a bit of coding in the letter BUT it's a great keepsake all the same. :thumbup: (I do believe the names probably do end up in a database, of sorts.)


I know of a congressman and two senators for our local district who send congratulatory letters when press releases about awards and business acclamations are published in our local newspaper. They each have local offices in the county seat. Over the years, I've received several such letters from two of them congratulating me on my business achievements and when I've opened businesses. I've never added mine to a website but have kept them in the business scrapbook and shared them with the board of directors when I worked with the non-profit organization.











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I think it would be cool to post on your website... use white out on the mail merge codes, re scan it into a pdf/jpeg and then post on your blog as news and why!!!

Daily life -even what comes int eh mail always helps inspire my blog posts!!

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I dunno. I might leave the mail merge code in there... and make a little joke about how he needs a VA! :)


LOL Candy, I was thinking the same thing ;)


But seriously, yes, post on your website under media news. Write a short paragraph to introduce it.


I'd also contact this representative directly and let him know they have a problem with their mail merge program. Who knows what will come of that? ;)



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