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2010 IVAA Conference

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We are now officially less than one week from the start of 2010 IVAA Live Summit and our "body count" is at 102! WOO HOO!!!


Despite some set-backs today (had a speaker have to cancel, but we've brought in someone new and amazing!) and a couple of our Planning Committee members have to cancel due to family or health issues, we're trucking along and we're going to have an absolutely amazing time.


I've packed my suitcase (mostly to see if everything I want to take will fit) and I'm so gosh-darn excited! In less than a week I get to not only spend 4 solid hours on a plane with one of my best friends, but I'll then get to spend 4 days with my nearest and dearest friends! The women who inspire me and fill up my own personal happiness meter!!


If you can't go this year to Live Summit, I encourage you to save your money and get to 2011! The location will be revealed on Thursday afternoon at Live Summit - and Tweeted soon after. Plans are already being put in place for 2011.


For everyone I will be seeing next week: I'm looking forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time!

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Where will 103 fabulous VAs be in just four days? PHOENIX, that's where!


I just got back from the store getting my "travel sizes" of my HBA products and I bought some new shoes last night. I am so excited about being with my good friends and learning from our industry leaders and meeting new friends. The number of people coming to Summit that I've never met, and may only have brief connections with online far outweigh the number of people I know.


If you can't make it to 2010 Summit this year, then I hope you follow our Twitter Hashtag - #IVAA10 - we'll be tweeting throughout the Summit and also posting on Facebook, too. There's going to be a YouTube channel hooked up for video blogging. I can't say it'll be like being there, but you can at least be in on the action.


Watch Thursday afternoon for information about our 2011 location and start saving your money for that AND for VANetworking's inaugural conference happening in 2011.

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2010 Live Summit Wrap Up:


Tuesday: Cocktail Reception started the week with a lot of great networking in a casual atmosphere. We had a pasta bar and a Ceasar Salad bar and everyone had a terrific time!


Wednesday: Opening Keynote by Marsha Petrie Sue who gave us tools to make "Smart Moves in Tough Times". Later, we heard from Donna Toothaker about creating 6-Figure VA Business, Yvonne Weld about Blazing our Own Trail and Lauren Pibworth about managing customer's perceptions. We then closed the day with Karen Gridley teaching us how to remove the excuse maker in our lives and to QTIP (Quit Taking It Personally).


Dinner with Strangers at many area restaurants was great fun with new friendships being made and relationships deepened.


Thursday: Beth Caldwell gave us some Success Secrets and then we had two different panel discussions about multi VAs and Pricing. We also heard from Alyssa Gregory who shared her VA Secrets, Yvonne & Sally again on Thriving Business, and Loretta Love Huff (President of NAWBO, Phoenix) on getting more clients.


Marsha Petrie Sue wrapped up with how to be the "CEO of YOU!" and gave us signed copies of her book, "Toxic People".


It was so exciting to see new relationships formed and to be able to reconnect with VAs I haven't seen in a year. Personally - I'm so happy I finally got to meet PattyD in person, I just wanted to get enough hugs in to last me until we see each other again. (Soon, I hope!)


I'm sorry PatZ couldn't come, but she swore to me nothing's stopping her next time and finally getting to meet two other rockstar VAs: Yvonne and Sally - was simply amazing to me.


I didn't want it to end!!


2011's Live Summit will be in Portland, Oregon May 3-6. The hotel we've selected is 6 blocks from the Portland Waterfront and I just found out that the Cinco de Mayo festival will be going on while we're there!!


Start making your plans now!!

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Sounds great Dana. Did you get to meet the Aussie VA, Kylie? I know she was there. Wish I could have come but with AVAC only having been last month, it was a bit too difficult to manage it - both financially and timewise. I've already got a trip planned for next year but to Canada later in the year. Not sure I could manage two in the one year - at least not if I'm paying for it, unless some miracle happens and someone sponsors me :whistlin:


Anyway, sounds like it went great and I would love to be involved one year.

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I had such an awesome time! I made a ton of new VA friends and enjoyed spending time with VAs that I had already met and have a special bond with.


I also couldn't get enough hugs from Dana. As soon as she saw me arrive at the hotel, she gave me the biggest hug in the world. I thought we were going to have to walk around the whole week like that because no one was going to be able to tear us apart. Every time we saw each other, we gave each other a hug. It was really special.


I can't begin to tell you all the awesome VAs that I met because there was over 100 of us. They were all AWESOME!


It was really great to see one person that I hadn't seen in four years. She's such a sweetheart and dear to my heart. I know I sound like I'm brown-nosing, but I don't need to. She knows how much I care for her. I don't think she knows how much I really look up to her though. Candy's the bestest!


It was also great to meet Kylie. She's has such a great accent.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....similar to yours Kathie. ;) She's such a sweet person. Another one that traveled all around the world to join us was Joey. She's a great person too.


Well, who wasn't a great person? Sorry ~ can't think of anyone.


I know have 100 new and wonderful friends! I'm so excited!


I could go on but all I have to say is......................................................



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I almost forgot! Yes, I received flowers from hubby and the kids when I went to the conference. That's four conferences and four times I've received 'Thinking of You' flowers. I love my family. :)

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