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Tawnya Sutherland

New iPhone - What apps do you love?

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Well, I finally got a cell phone and chose an iPhone 3GS


I'd love to hear what apps you have downloaded and loved so far? I'm overwhelmed by how many there are!


I'll share mine as well as I come across ones I like.


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The main apps I use are the Twitter and Facebook apps... surprise. I also just discovered a video camera app that is super cool because I have the original iPhone and thought I would never be able to have video.


I remember last time I came to Canada iPhone told me not to even turn my phone on because I would get so many charges. I'm happy to hear iPhone has made it past customs and the border patrol. ;-)

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Hi Tawnya,

I use skype and facebook on my iPhone all the time. Also, since I live in London and most of my clients are in US, I have set up iphone's builtin clock to show me PST and EST. I also use a currency conversion application very often, and it's pretty cool because it automatically updates the current conversion rates.

I'd love to see what everone else is using :)



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Guest intercovbc

I have an itouch.


Here are my favorite apps




LinkedIn - It doesn't link to the group discussions which is disappointing.



Huffington Post

Google Maps

Loseit - Great program for counting calories for losing weight. (20 lbs down brag brag :P )

RSS Flash - but sometimes it gets a little finicky.



Scanner 911 - What can I say.




I also have a few games, and local news apps.


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I have an Itouch also and the apps I love are:


1. Kindle for Iphone: great when you are waiting someplace and forgot to bring a book

2. Nutrition: gives calorie and nutrition for tons of restaurants and common food items, or add your own. Also comes with a weight watchers conversion - I love this app since I'm always on a diet! :)

3. FoodCalc: easy conversion of calorie, fat, fiber into the Weight Watchers number

4. Facebook

5. Betty Crocker Cookbook

6. AllRecipes

7. NYTimes

8. USA Today

9. Sudoku

10. Redbox


I have to admit...I download mostly free apps! :)

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Great apps....keep them coming!

Logmein app sounds great but I'm not paying $29.99 for it yet.


Twitalator - this wasn't free but well worth it as I can have various twitter accounts, etc.


There is a Paypal app I just downloaded but not tried it.




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GEEZ! I could go on, and on, and on about how much I love my iPhone :)

Here are some of my favorites


Pandora Box = I'm pretty sure it is still a free app, but it gives you the newest & price dropped apps. I usually only get the free apps so I love that they give you the option to view just free or paid.


AppReview = again, should still be free. This one will show you the top rated apps.


RedBox and Mint = If you don't know what they are; you won't want these apps, oh and free


Google = also free, great for google docs & apps. A voice activated google search feature that is pretty cool too.


Of course, eBay & Craigs list. Your bank may have an app too. I love being able to login and check my accounts, transfer money and pay bills while on the go, or just cuz I don't feel like tuning on my computer, or getting off the couch.


ConvertFrree = free app, converts Volume, Distance, Time, Temp, Area, and Weight


USA Today, Google Earth, Dictionary.com(ever needed to look something up when your not at home? It has a thesaurus and a word of the day)


iPlanet, free app, kinda dumb but also kinda cool, I recommend everyone get it, mostly for contributing purposes.


Urbanspoon = free app, fun for trying to figure out where you want to go out to eat.


VoiceBoxDial, Zell+Shop, Dragon Search & Dragon Dictation = both free, Speech to text apps


White Pages & Yellow Pages = free, never pay for information calls again!



Cheap Gas

The Weather Channel

Pandora = Free, I've heard others say they love it, I have it, but really never use it. Worth checking out

SoundHound & Shazam = free apps for music id

iTranslate = free app, hardly ever use, but it has come in handy from time to time. Great one to keep for those just in case circumstances


Well there is the tip of the iceberg.


I hope you love your iPhone






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Skype, Tweet Deck, Facebook, Solitaire, Pedmeter, eReader, Chuzzle, Groceries, Flightcontrol, Alarm clock and a few games for the kids.


I've just moved into an office space and I've taken to leaving my laptop at the office, with just my iPhone I can still keep on top of things.

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I'm going to have to take an afternoon off to come back to this thread and just play with my iphone hehehe


What apps do you use for looking at word docs, excel, pdfs, etc? I downloaded the Kindle app so that should work for the pdfs but also want to be able to edit and use MSOffice products.


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Hi Tawnya,


My most used apps are:



Amazon Kindle




Go Daddy

LineUp - game




I try to only check like once ever other week otherwise I'd never get anything done LOL. Have fun with it. I love mine

Jennifer Hansen

CEO, Tangled Webb Solutions

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