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Tawnya Sutherland

VAnetworking Conference 2011

VAnetworking Conference 2011  

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I don't know if I can afford to come, hopefully my VA business takes off and I have lots and lots of cash :)

But I voted for an Alaskan Cruise, I thought it would be cheaper, and if we were able to bring family members along with us, it would be more fun for them.

Can we bring family members? Even if I could afford to come, I wouldn't if my family couldn't come with me.

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Can't believe this is the first time I've seen this thread.


To answer the question for Kylie, yes she did come to AVAC 2010 and I expect she will be at AVAC 2011 since she's on the committee :thumbup:


For those who don't know AVAC is the AustralianVAConference which is being held in Melbourne Australia next March. So you could plan to come to that and also this one.


By the way, those of you who live in Canada have NO excuse for not going to this event that Tawnya is planning. As she said, you've been given plenty of notice to book your diary and start saving if that's what is needed. I intend to come. My husband and I came over to Canada last year so I could speak at FoVA and we would love to come back again. He has an ulterior motive - he's a keen mountainbiker! And Whistler is calling to him. :lol:


And for those in the US, particularly those just over the border, it's still not that far to come and you should be able to keep a watch out for cheap airfares or bus fares to get there.


Looking forward to hearing more Tawnya.

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Guest aplusadmin

I read thru all the responses and agree on many of them. I was surprised to see September was the most popular. IF September is chosen consider mid to late September over beginning for those of us with kids. Food as many are saying... continental breakfast with a brown bag lunch can't beat that, I'm game there. Dinner would be on our own at least one night or two (depending on how many days) and consider a separate cost for one dinner to gather all together at the hotel for one big night.


First I want to say I'M EXCITED over having an conference like this. Several years ago there used to be a conference that floated West to East Coast specifically for Virtual Assistants and wished I could have attended at least one of those so to attend one next year...dream come true!


I'd be very happy, Tawnya to be on some kind of committee to help organize etc.


Do consider me being a part of a committee of some kind. Contact me!



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