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Tawnya Sutherland

Virtual Assistant Weekender Report

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Here's your Weekender Report to keep you "IN THE KNOW" with informative and entertaining resources for your virtual business success this week! Included are:


*** Virtual News You Can Use NOW

*** VAinsider Club MotiVAtor

*** eSEMINAR SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!

*** HOT Topics at the forum this past week

*** Virtual Weekender FREEBIE






1) Want to Grow Your Business - Or Your Clients' Biz - Faster?


F.R.E.E. Marketing Training Call! "Write an Offer - Transform Your Business"


On Wednesday, June 30th, marketing strategist (and former VA) Karri Flatla is going to show you how your next business breakthrough could be on the other side of that blank page.


Even if you think you're stumbling through that sales copy, you're in fact moving FORWARD FASTER to making a real-deal, value promise to your right people. Really!


Join Karri's no-fee call to discover how putting words to the page - and action to your ideas - can help you "risk into" your highest potential as a business owner.


This call will also cover:


* What's converting "traffic" into hot-blooded, interested prospects right now.

* The homework your competition isn't doing (and what they're doing that you can STOP).

* How the elusive "next level" in your business is just a love letter away.


Click here for call details and to register >> http://vajot.com/daretoactcall


I never miss Karri's training calls (Even when it's my birthday...HINT HINT!), and neither should you! Rest assured that this will be a business-building call. Get off the phone ready to take action on your next, high end offer (or help your clients do the same!). Join us Wednesday!





2) I'm scouting out the VA world for NEW VAcommentators. If you are addicted to the social networking scene and love to gab, this volunteer position at VAnetworking may be just what you've been looking for to gain more exposure in your business.


Benefits to your VA business?


** Your website will rank higher in the search engines

** Advertising exposure at VAnetworking.com

** Get and retain more clients!

** Be seen as an expert in your niche

** Gain more subscribers to your blog

** Learn new social networking skills


If this sounds interesting to you, please signup here to learn more:





3) VAmeets.com >> We had so much fun last month that I'm hosting another Virtual Assistant Luncheon in White Rock (Lower Mainland of Vancouver, Canada) on July 8th. All forum members welcomed! It will be fun getting to meet some of you that I've not yet met plus always fun meeting up with familiar faces. White Rock is right at the border for our American friends too if you can join us?


If you are interested in having lunch with others of like-mind, please RSVP at our forum:




4) I just received this very important 18-minute video for you from Craig at VAClassroom entitled: “Ten Ways to Create Ten Income Building Opportunities for Your Virtual Business in 2010″. This video will give you some keen insights and ideas on how to expand your skills and the services you are currently offering in your business.





(Sorry for the long link, you may have to cut/paste that one into your browser window)


Plus, it will also give you a nice preview on the types of skills we will be covering in the upcoming VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp starting on July 6!


In business, it is important to have an edge or some relevant, in-demand skills that set you apart and enable you to play a bigger role with your clients. I think this video will definitely stimulate some ideas on how you can grow your business and income opportunities for the last half of 2010!




VAinsider Club MotiVAtor



Are you a person that continually says “if only...”? When you dwell on what could have been, instead of dealing with what is now, it will be hard to move forward in your business. Instead of wishing for something, take the time and the steps to make it happen.


Receive more valuable tips and business strategies by becoming a VAinsider Club member today! Your VAinsider Club membership starts at only $7/mth. Not much to pay nowadays to help your business get the upper hand in the virtual service world.


What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY at http://VAinsiders.com




Webinar SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!





Our next complimentary virtual business educational webinar >>> Tell your clients to mark their calendars ...


Date: Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 at 6PM EST


Topic: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Outsourcing Your Business to a Virtual Assistant


Presented by: Tawnya Sutherland


Register to Attend: http://VAnetworking.com/seminars



PLUS: At 7PM EST, Virtual Assistants may join us for:


VAbridge.com - Helping Clients & Virtual Assistants Bridge the Gap! A webinar bridging the gap between Clients and Virtual Assistants to make a better difference in doing business.


Tawnya Sutherland will host this meet and greet opportunity for clients to connect with VAs from across the globe to help them find that perfect working relationship with a VA. Clients will have the opportunity to pick the brains of the VAs via a Q & A one hour session.


NOTE: Only VAinsider.com members or VAcertified.com VAs may attend.


You'll be better equipped to communicate if you have a microphone headset for this VAbridge.





Date/Time: Tuesday, June 29th, 2010, 7PM EST


Presented by: Craig Cannings


Membership Level: Supercharge VAinsider


Topic: The Power of Email List Building to Attract New Clients!


One of the great Internet Marketing skills that you can develop for your own business as well as your clients is to master the art of “Building an Email List”. Despite the rapid growth of social media, mobile media and such, email still is one of the most profitable and reliable marketing channels on the web today. In this session, Craig Cannings will take you through some sound strategies for building a targeted email list that produces results!


Not a VAinsider Club yet? http://www.VAinsiders.com







Frustrated and ready to throw in the "multi" towel http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20480


God Mode secret folder in windows 7



Live Writer Beta New version of Live Writer Takes it Up a Notch!



Yearly salary info



New Member Highlight:




For VAinsider Club Members Only:


Riding out the Waves How do you do it?



VAinsider Club Twitter List








Use More of Your (Super) Mind Starting Today! Learn a Supermind technique of from one of my dear friends, Burt Goldman, that will help you overcome frustration in less than 60 seconds.


Download his Frustration Annihilator here:






Until next week...


To Your Virtual Success,

Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of The Leading Virtual Assistant Networking Forum Since 2003 www.VAnetworking.com





Ride the Inside Track to Virtual Success...

Become a VAinsider www.VAinsiders.com


Show Your Clients That You Care...



VAs Lose Weight From Sitting at a Desk All Day!



Need Virtual Business Insurance?



Download our gift: Special VA Training Report

Receive by signing up to our VAnetworking Newsletter:




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Get VAcertified at www.VAcertified.com


Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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