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Self-Employment Assistance Benefits

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A great program since you get paid to work basically.


I took it for 3 months and then they canned me unjustly (please email me privately if you had/having problems with them as well and I can guide you in fighting back).


The course itself is basic business courses and if you have never run a business before, it could be beneficial to you. The fact that I had run a few businesses before meant that it was a long boring day in class and you couldn't wait to get out, go home and get to work on your business.


I have mentored quite a few VAs taking this course and will gladly answer any questions anyone has about it.





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Guest clark_christa

Hi there,


I was thinking about checking into this...I'm currently taking online mini-courses through the "My Company" program offered through the Royal Bank and Small Business Enterprise Centres - maybe you've heard of it - basic business courses (approx. 12 hours), with the good chance of getting a decent loan at the end of it.


However since I'm not getting any regular income at the moment, perhaps it would be a good idea for me to check out the Self-Employment program. Since I'm already taking the mini-courses, do you think it would be worth my time?




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I jsut got a letter today from the PA. Department of Labor and Industry offering me the same deal. That I can participate int he Self -Employment Assistance Program.


If anyone has gone through this, I would appreciate any feedback.



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I just found out about this and I am interested in it. So you have to take courses?? I thought it was just a financial startup tool. I think courses is a great idea, but I am a SAHM because I don't want my kids in daycare.


Are the courses you take like weeks long? Or just a couple of days??


Thanks for your input.

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I'm in the process of jumping through their hoops to get on this SEB program. I'm currently on EI, at home with my girls (6 & 3), so I would really like to be able to work from home. I'm doing my business and marketing plans and financials to forward onto them. I am going through my local Community Business Development Corporation to get approval. I'm planning on hanging my 'shingle' up the first of the year.


I'm using the business plans and financials that I received from purchasing Tawnya's start up package. They are great! :yay: I wouldn't have known where to start. I'm hoping to get this forwarded to the CBDC within the next couple of weeks.


There is also a Enterpreneur Program you can enter. This gives you a loan that will help with any startup costs that you may have. The loan is repayable after one year, and 1% over prime.


Hope this helps someone.





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Just wanted to give an update on the Self Employment Program, as well as ask for advice!!!


I've finally submitted my business/marketing/financial plans for the SEB program. Of course, I haven't been really searching for clients, because if it looks like you are already doing business you will not be eligible for the program. BUT, I was told today, that I need to have in writing, businesses who will be willing to give me business. They want to have it in hours (35 per week). Now here is the funny thing, she is looking for LOCAL businesses.......I wanted to bang my head on her desk. She hasn't read the business plan yet, just listened to me tell her about it. But, these guys, at least here in southern New Brunswick, are leary about internet businesses.


I am planning on approaching my our newly appointed MLA for our area (we just had an election) and ask for his input and help in getting me on this program.


Is this something that you would hear elsewhere in the country, or just in a small small town!!!


Sorry about the rant! :wacko:



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