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Tawnya Sutherland

Virtual Assistant Weekender Report - July 10th

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Here's your Weekender Report to keep you "IN THE KNOW" with informative and entertaining resources for your virtual business success this week! Included are:


*** Virtual News You Can Use NOW

*** VAinsider Club MotiVAtor

*** eSEMINAR SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!

*** HOT Topics at the forum this past week

*** Virtual Weekender FREEBIE






1) Don't forget to pop over and check out my BONUS VIP Special Limited Time Offer (Valued at over $300) that I have put together for Virtual Assistants who invest in my VAC over the weekend.




If you need a step by step plan to learn how to make money as a Virtual Assistant business, my VAC is the answer for you. It's all my online business knowledge over the last 14 years (and other VA industry leaders) in one simple to implement Virtual Assistant startup system. A system ready to help you kick it up with your VA business startup.



2) LAST CHANCE: I'm heading to Atlanta in August for my FAVORITE marketing workshop all year, the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop. WILL YOU BE JOINING ME? This offer is supposed to be over today but I see the coupon code is still working to get $300 off the price of registration. It may be sold out by the time this email gets into your inbox and my apologies if it is. :(


First, read more about NAMS here: http://www.vanetworking.com/nams


For the past 3 years I've attended the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop or better known on Twitter as #NAMS. This workshop has been more valuable to my business success than any other event I've ever attended and I attend about 5-6 conferences per year.


Attending this marketing workshop has been the best investment I have ever made in my business. And we all know you have to continually educate yourself if you want to be competitive in the online world of e-commerce. You'll learn everything you need to know to make money online with your website at this workshop.


I really want you to attend this workshop. SO...here's the deal breaker >>


A SPECIAL TAWNYA BONUS: Anyone who signs up under my affiliate link above will receive a F.R.E.E 45 minute Motivator Leverage Session to focus on your weakest internet marketing areas with me, in person, at the event! (I charge $425 for these coaching sessions on my website). PLUS if you signup, dinner is on me one night at the event! We'll all go out for dinner, network and learn from each other.


Don't wait, time may already be run out by the time you read this email as NAMS was sold out about 2 weeks ago but they opened up the doors for 16 available seats (these were cancellations or people who just couldn't make it after all).


Register here: http://www.vanetworking.com/nams


To receive your $300 discount, upon ordering apply this special coupon code: LASTCHANCE


I truly hope to meet you in person so sign up today! It is a marketing event not to be missed if you are serious about making money with your online business.






VAinsider Club MotiVAtor



Do you set yourself up for success? When you allow yourself to take on tasks and work towards projects that are sure to be a success it can be a huge confidence booster. Many of us do not set ourselves up for success. We take on tasks that are bigger than our capabilities, we establish timelines and deadlines that are next to impossible to achieve and we set goals for ourselves we know are way too big. When you do these things it can be a huge draw on our self-confidence and self-esteem. Starting today begin setting yourself up for success ... you will be amazed at how the increase in self-confidence and self-esteem will turn into a new-found enthusiasm for your business.


Receive more valuable tips and business strategies by becoming a VAinsider Club member today!


Your VAinsider Club membership starts at only $7/mth. Not much to pay nowadays to help your business get the upper hand in the virtual service world.


What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY at http://VAinsiders.com




Webinar SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!



Stay up to date to all our educational business webinars by adding our schedule to your Google calendar now at:









How much do you use the phone?



Prep Time - How long did it take you to get going?



How do you determine your billable hours?




New Member Highlight from France:




For VAinsider Club Members Only:


Critics - those that don't see our value ... How can we educate them?



VAinsider Club Twitter List








Did you know that we have our very own Virtual Assistant Toolbar with over 1500 VAs using it already? Try it out, it's even F.R.E.E! It not only gives you tons of business resource links (even all the VA groups online) but it also tracks your email for you and just about everything else you can think of from the local weather to your social networks!


Grab it here:





Until next week...


To Your Virtual Success,

Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of The Leading Virtual Assistant Networking Forum Since 2003 www.VAnetworking.com





Ride the Inside Track to Virtual Success...

Become a VAinsider www.VAinsiders.com


Show Your Clients That You Care...



VAs Lose Weight From Sitting at a Desk All Day!



Need Virtual Business Insurance?



Download our gift: Special VA Training Report

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