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Need keword tool

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Do you know of an online tool that you can type in a keyword or keyword phrase that will give you the common misspellings to those words?


I know about GoodKeywords.com. Do you know of any others?


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks You...enjoying find information which i was searching for quite a time... :naughty:

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I would actually like to know whether keyword research is still as powerful as it used to be. In the past year I've found many sites ranked higher for quality of content and authority than for direct keywords matching. I also wonder if Google doesn't have some new algorithm.


I'd really like to know this. Maybe our SEO specialist Tawnya can shed some light. At present, I am writing free flow based on questions at present. I haven't utilised a keyword tool for over a year. I'm not saying SEO is dead - far from it - but I am wondering if the rules have changed from direct matching to close matching with highly valuable content.

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You are on the right track Mark. Keywords still help Google find quality content and its really important (I think) to still use keywords in your content. Google needs some type of direction to start finding the content their users are searching for and keywords still work. Saying that their algorithms are very advanced compared to years before and Google also knows who is tricking them and who is not.


In the end just write quality content (content that is shared and talked about) and you should do ok. I still make sure my titles have keywords in them too as I still find they rank better if they do but that could change overnight too. For now it works ;)

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