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Tawnya Sutherland

10-Day Copywriting Telesummit - F.R.E.E Admission!

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This past week I was away at a Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop NAMS event learning everything from affiliate marketing to using videos to sell my products online. I'll be sharing with your some fantastic resourced I've gotten from NAMS with you over the course of the next month.


(NOTE: Tickets for NAMS 5 are now on sale for $297 for a limited time only at http://www.VAnetworking.com/nams I hope to see you there in January, 2011!)


One class that stood out from the rest for me at NAMS was the copywriting class. Being a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist myself I know that you can have all the traffic in the world come to your website but if the buyer gets there and your copy doesn't sell to them, it was a waste of your time sending them there in the first place.


For me, I've always struggled with writing sales copy but the instructor at NAMS, Karon Thackston, made it easy for me to sit down and just write simple copy that sells! In fact, my daughter Danielle who had never sold anything online before Karon's class ended up winning the contest for highest product sales online that day. You can bet your life that having Karon's class under her belt helped her win that contest!


So, let me introduce you to my friends from NAMS, Chris Cobb and Karon Thackston. Because of all the folks they had coming to them with a fear or frustration of copywriting, they decided to do something about it.


Just like me overcoming my challenge with writing sales copy you can – and will – learn to write great online copy once you educate yourself under the right teachers.


The first step is to enroll in their F.R.E.E online copywriting telesummit specifically for beginners.


Enroll here: http://www.VAjot.com/copywriting101


It runs September 1 – 10, 2010.


Here’s the kind of people Chris and Karon are: They decided to broadcast each session F.R.E.E for 24 hours so as many people as possible could hear this vital information.


That’s almost $300 worth of expert teaching for absolutely nothing. No strings attached.


And their lineup has some of the biggest names in copywriting and content creation on the ‘Net including:


* Kevin Hogan on the Science of Persuasion

* Michel Fortin on Sales Letters 2.0

* Lynn Terry on Blogging

* Jeff Herring on Article Writing

* Shannon Cherry on Press Release Writing

* Brian Massey on Landing Page Creation


* Karon Thackston on Knowing Your Target Audience, Basics of Online Copywriting, Headline Creation and SEO Copywriting


You can see the complete schedule on the website at http://www.VAjot.com/copywriting101 But that covers just about everything you’ll need to know to get started writing online copy like a pro.


Click over to Online Copywriting 101 now http://www.VAjot.com/copywriting101 to get your free pass to this world-class beginner’s copywriting event. I’ll be there!


To Your Virtual Success,

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