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New Multi-VA start up question

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Hello All,

I joined vanetworking last year to get tons of great info. Thanks to this wonderful forum and LOOONG late night hours doing research online I've gotten more info than my poor brain can handle. All this with a new baby this January and a two year old toddler at home, there were times where I'd asked myself will I even be able to start this business of mine if I'm already tired from just doing the research part of it. With patience, I can finally say my little one's schedule is somewhat more manageable and now have my family who have gratiously offered to babysit for me so I can finally get this business of mine up and going. With no clients yet and just getting myself out there in the VA community, I'm thinking of going about this perhaps a little more differently than I've read in most of the posts here on how they got themselves started. I'm thinking of starting a multi-va firm first instead of eventually working my way to that some months or years down the road. Are there other people who have done this and if so, any suggestions on how to go about this. Thanks all for your input.

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I moved this over to the multi-VA area so that they can respond.


However, my thought on this is don't. The reason being is that you don't have any clients yourself so how do you expect to keep your team busy?


I would look at who you want to target, go where they are, get some clients, and then see if the multi-VA business model is right for you. It may turn out that you only subcontract things out every once in a while (which is different than a multi-VA business) or you may grow your business enough to start a multi-VA business.


That's just my thoughts. I'm sure they'll be others on here soon.

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Some of your decision could be shaped by what you are perceiving as a multi-VA system. Would you be recruiting subs with whom you've not worked for clients that you hope to attract? (That is how I interpret Patty's scenario)


There is another possibility that we don't have all the facts and perhaps you are part of a local team of VAs who are willing to work together, all waiting on clients and growing with the business. That is one thing that might have some potential, but remember it is a lot to keep track of and communication is MORE than essential


Best wishes

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I think it would be tricky for a couple of reasons.


1) Because as Patty pointed out, getting clients is no easy feat.

2) Even if you had a really strong background in sales, being able to estimate and understand a VA task involves knowing how it would break down into the different steps, how long each one of those would take etc. It would be difficult for you to either estimate for the client or judge the work of the VAs unless you had done it yourself. E.g. I know it takes me about an hour to stuff 100 envelopes, but if I was quoting that job to a client and had never done it before I'd have to do some research and get back to them. Likewise I probably wouldn't question getting a bill for 3 hours work from a subcontract VA unless I knew the task well myself.

3) As the boss, you need to be available during business hours. It's not fair on the subcontract VAs to have to make major decisions on your behalf without any support. Whilst you want to work part-time or flexible hours, your clients probably will work standard hours.

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