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Tawnya Sutherland

Virtual Assistant Weekender Report - September 10th

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Here's your Weekender Report to keep you "IN THE KNOW" with informative and entertaining resources for your virtual business success this week! Included are:


*** Virtual News You Can Use NOW

*** VAinsider Club MotiVAtor

*** eSEMINAR SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!

*** HOT Topics at the forum this past week

*** Virtual Weekender FREEBIE






1) Back by popular demand, the VA Virtuoso Seminars (VAVS) are happening once again. Make sure you reserve your online seat this weekend as seats are over half filled now.


I rounded up the brightest and the best in the VA industry. And they’ve committed to sharing with you real world tools and examples of how they themselves are maintaining-even growing-a successful VA practice.




Here’s what I put together:


An exciting workshop series of 16 educational online seminars to benefit all virtual assistants worldwide. These seminars will be presented, over the course of 6 days, by fellow Virtual Assistants who have been there, done that, and want to share all that (and more) with you!


AND...I am making it affordable during these trying economic times so that ANY Virtual Assistant at ANY stage in his or her business career can attend, accessing cutting edge information about getting ahead in an increasingly competitive virtual business environment.


The cost? ONLY $15 to attend all 16 online seminars!


That works out to less than $1 per seminar.


CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW >> http://www.VAvirtuosos.com


(NOTE: ONLY 100 SEATS AVAILABLE which will go quickly at this fantastic low price!)


You can't beat that price anywhere online that I'm aware of when it comes to furthering your education as a Virtual Assistant (not to mention having a fantastic time without even starting the car).


Hope to see you there!



2) REMINDER: Scholarship Offer - Dare to Act! Marketing Intensive. If you were on our F.R.E.E. webinar Wednesday you heard Karri Flatla present her popular "Write an Offer - Transform Your Business" training call.


Karri wanted me to remind you of her exclusive offer to the VAnetworking community. Karri's Dare to Act! Marketing Intensive, online September 21-23. Tickets are valued at $447 ... but you are eligible to apply for a "scholarship ticket" that covers the ENTIRE fee!


How to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:


i) Review the event details at http://VAnetworking.com/daretoact


ii) Send an email to Karri at info@snapwebmarketing.com and include this information:

- your name

- your preferred email address

- your website URL if you have one

- WHY you think you should receive the scholarship ticket

- WHAT new offer/service/package you're thinking about marketing in your biz, WHO it's for and WHY it would ROCK!


That's it! Just be sure to send your entry via email to Karri by NOON (EST), Tuesday, September 14th.


PS: ALL eligible entries will be offered an extra "Bonus Goodie" to be announced next week!




Take part in the 2010 Virtual Assistant Survey today!

Receive over 15 F R E E gifts just for participating.







VAinsider Club MotiVAtor



When is that last time that you thanked your clients, your subcontractors, your mentors or others that have helped you on your road to success? Taking the time to say thank you is something many of us take for granted. We assume that the people understand how grateful we are and we don’t take the time to remind them. When you say a simple thank you it can make a person’s day and believe it or not the other thing it does is encourages them to continue to help!


Receive more valuable tips and business strategies by becoming a VAinsider Club member today! Your VAinsider Club membership starts at only $7/mth. Not much to pay nowadays to help your business get the upper hand in the virtual service world.


What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY at http://VAinsiders.com


(Use coupon in #1 to receive 30% discount on yearly rates)




Webinar SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!



Stay up to date with times of all our educational business webinars by adding our schedule to your Google calendar now at:









Why VA instead of a Temp?



FAX Services, what do you recommend?



New Member Highlight from Valencia, Spain:




For VAinsider Club Members Only:


Your VAInsider Membership Updates and Feedback Request



VAinsider Club Twitter List








Distractions that interrupt the work flow of your VA business are just part of doing business as a Virtual Assistant. Here's our VAinsider Special Report for you to download on 7 tips to help you avoid these business distractions and prevent the interruptions.






Until next week...


To Your Virtual Success,

Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of The Leading Virtual Assistant Networking Forum Since 2003



Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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