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Guest PRA™ Training Inc.

Real Estate Assistant Training

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Guest PRA™ Training Inc.

Hi everyone!


We've been searching through the forums to see where we could post this, and stumbled on this section.

Hopefully it's the right place and of help to you :)


What we offer is training for Unlicensed Real Estate Assistants. Given that you may be a VA for a REALTOR®, we think our training might be beneficial to those of you who are just getting your feet wet or may want to be able to do more for your employer.


PRA™ Training Inc. offers a 6 day comprehensive and intense course. Our Foundational training provides information, practical skills and indispensable data on organized real estate, legislation & regulation, the role of a PRA™, file & computer systems, forms, marketing, and working with buyers and sellers.


For the time being, our course is very specific to British Columbia's rules & regulations. And while we have an online course in the works, we only have our in-class training to offer at the moment.


If this sounds like a possibility for you or you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!


Feel free to peruse our site http://www.pratraining.com/ :)


(Our apologies if this isn't the right place to be sharing this.)

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Guest PRA™ Training Inc.

Just a quick update:


For our 2011 registrations, we have early bird specials available for each class that may save you up to $100 off the registration fee. There's also a special "Bring a Friend" offer that will discount both you and your friend $50 each when registering for the same class!


All details can be found here http://www.pratraining.com/Register-Here


As well, we are preparing to launch the online version of our program in the new year, so stay tuned!


Have a great week!


-The PRA™ Team

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VAVs Discount Program

sale-word-as-symbol-for-discounts-and-prIn case you missed the webinar yesterday, I wanted to repost the information about our program at REVAU and remind you about the benefits and features that we offer in our training.

REVA University is a cutting edge program that trains people to use the skills they already have to build their own home-based business and to complete the REVA training program here online. The program is one of the most comprehensive and affordable programs available today.

We are offering a very special price today for all attendees. Please register below to receive the VAVs Discount Program price.

Register now to receive this special introductory offer of just $997.00. That's $200 off the regular price of $1297. We have reduced the price by $200 for every person who enrolls before May 15th. No code necessary. Just click on the button to enroll TODAY!

We did our research. We have followed many online training programs like ours and we found out that we offer more training, more modules, more hands-on work and the ability to stay connected to REVA University throughout the entire year after your Certification. We have seen programs without half of the information we provide for more than $2697.

I’m not kidding.

Use this secure form to register for the REVA University Training Program.

benefits-puzzle-sm-300x234.jpgFEATURES AND BENEFITS
  • Comprehensive Program: Our 35 modules provide you with the training that you need to be able to begin taking phone calls from Agents as soon as you complete your Certification. This means money in your pocket faster.

  • Web-based Training: You are not locked into training at a certain time of day so you have the flexibility to take the course on your own time and schedule

  • From 12 to 35 Modules: 12 Modules introduced the concept of real estate virtual assistance. 35 modules provides you with the skill you need to actually perform the job.

  • Continued Access: Once you complete your Certification, we don't just dump you and leave you on your own. You will have continued access to the program where you can return anytime for a refresher.

  • Monthly Coaching Call. Join our monthly coaching call where you can ask questions and get answers. Sometimes meeting with others reinforces your confidence and direction.

  • Vendor Training: We will try to schedule training with Vendors as often as possible to expose you to products and services that you will be utilizing. REVA University staff are not the experts on the products but being able to access training rounds out your education and experience for services. Our Vendor Training is comprehensive and is recorded for you.

  • Updates: During the first year that you complete your Certification, you will continue to receive updates and information on training, updates to our program and other items of interest. These updates will keep you on the cutting edge of what is going on in real estate.

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Interesting that both of these programs are now defunct. I tried both websites and they're no longer available. If you're looking for comprehensive training, my Professional Real Estate Assistant Certification program has been providing great training for over 10 years. You can get all the details at http://www.REAUniversity.com, and certainly let me know about any questions you might have. Happy to help! :)

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