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First Consultation

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I have my first consultation with a possible client on Monday, so I am hoping that I am ready. I believe that I have everything ready to go, but would like to have comments to find out if I have missed any areas.


I have sent the "possible client" a pre-consultation questionnaire to help them focus on what a "typical day" is for them, where they are having problems and what they would like to have me do.


When I meet with them I will have a list of questions that I will ask relating to their business structure, their management style/current administrative functions, explain my policies, fees, etc., and answer any question they may have about my business. We will then focus on the areas where they believe that I can help their business. If we come to some type of agreement, I will then let them know that I will send them a contract outlining what was discussed. [i have reviewed my costs, expenses, overhead, profit margin, etc., and I feel confident that what I would be charging is a fair rate. I will not be "giving my time away" but I will "not be charging an arm and a leg" either.]


Is there anything that I have overlooked?



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Nope looks like you got yourself covered ... I got nothing to add (wink, wink). When I do my consultations I try to let it flow like a natural conversation and provide them with a little info on how they can get things done without giving away the farm. When I show them my knowledge it isn't hard to get them to sign on the dotted line!!


Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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To All


Just to let you all know that I now have my first client.


Thanks to all of the information from other VAs I was able to be prepared and also go that extra step. During my research I found that the address that was listed for his LLC was not the current one and that his registration fee had not been paid and was due by the end of this month. I brought this to his attention and he said that he was still waiting for the SCC to send him the paperwork. I pointed out that his address with the SCC was old and that after one year the US Post Office does not forward mail. I showed him how to get to the website and request the forms that he needed to complete to that he could file by the deadline and not incur a penalty fee. I also told him that he needed to set up a reminder to follow up with the SCC if he had not received the paperwork by that date. He was extremely grateful. When I asked if he had ever worked with a VA before he said no, but that he had talked with two other people who said that they could help him, but neither of them had pointed out that his SCC registration fee had not been paid. At this point, I think that he was expecting me to prepare the contract out of thin air. So tonight I have to complete the contract along with other information that I will need to get from him. I told him that I would have the contract, etc., to him tomorrow morning.


Not only that, but I had a meeting with a friend after the consultation and she had sent my information to another business and they want to get in touch with me about possible work. I am now so glad that I spent this time getting all "my stuff" together for clients so that it is now ready and I can hit the ground running. If I had not done this, I would be so "----" (you can fill in the blank).


Again, Thanks to Everyone!!!

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