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Tawnya Sutherland

The Send Out Cards Business Opportunity

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What is Send Out Cards?




It's your very own online greeting card account that allows you to send printed greeting cards (stuffed, stamped, and mailed) right from your computer. You can also send gifts now too like calendars, photos on canvas, memory books, brownies, cookies, gift cards, clothing, jewelery, books, etc. You name it they have it and you can send with the click of your mouse!


Many Virtual Assistants are incorporating this into their business to not only connect easily with their clients but to use as a referral marketing program to follow up with their leads and court prospects who may wish to use their VA services.


VAs are also finding out that they have to learn this online software to service their clients who now use Send Out Cards.


I use it myself to keep in touch with my members at my membership sites plus to correspond with my clients and make them feel special. A gift box of brownies has made more than one client's day for me wink.gif PLUS, where else can you send a card to someone for under a $1 including postage without leaving your office desk??? I love it!


There are 2 ways to get involved with SendOutCards:


1. The first way is to become a Customer and there are three options if you want to become a customer:


Retail Subscription - With the Retail Subscription option you pay $9.80 for 20 points, which is about 10 greeting cards . This option gets you greeting cards for about a buck


Preferred Customer option - This is a $31 a month subscription that will allow you to purchase a standard two-panel greeting card for $ .62 . As an example, you will end up getting 20 to 30 cards and 4 or 5 gifts a month with this Preferred Customer option.


Pay As You Go plan - You will pay from $ .98 per card up to $1 .98 per card depending on how much you purchase at one time . All of the customer options have full access to the SOC Photo Store.


Become a Customer here


2. The second way is to become a Marketing Distributor. This will be your business that allows you to represent SendOutCards with your own greeting card and gift business where you can earn commissions and bonuses for $395. It's a fantastic way to make residual income with your Virtual Assistant business whether you learn the software so that you can service clients who use it or use it yourself as a referral marketing tool, you'll definitely love it.


Become a Marketing Distributor here



If you want to speak directly to me about this fabulous business opportunity, you can reach me a couple of ways:


Toll Free: 866-943-6665

Or Local Vancouver: 604-542-9664

Email: tawnya at VAnetworking dot com


I even have a membership area for MY Send Out Card Marketing Distributors to coach and motivate them into having a prosperous business with this online content management system.


This forum area will be used for any questions you have about using Send Out Cards from technical to business opportunity questions. ENJOY!


Tawnya Sutherland

Founder of VAnetworking.com


PS: If you are not interested at all in learning about Send Out Cards, I still have a gift for you, so pop over to my website and download my Gratitude and Appreciation Course valued at $47.




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I have looked at the old video. I am trying to find the BEST opportunity to join SEND OUT CARDS with getting the Referral Marketing Management Training and also find out what bonuses are available. I know O can't find any recent sales, promos, or deal but being that it is a referral type business and down-line opportunity where is the latest links and prices?




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Tina, I have to update that video but you can learn all about the new pricing here: www.Sendoutcards.biz/vanetworking and also send a free card on me if you want to test out the process. When you get to that page, just click on the blue button below the video JOIN NOW to view the pricing options.


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