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Focus the message or rebranding?

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As some of you know, I've recently decided to target the Wedding Industry (and even more specifically, California Wedding Professionals). My current website is here. I know I need to focus my message to appeal to these clients, and rebranding is a possibility, since I don't have a whole lot of money invested in this branding and I also have ZERO industry recognition at this point. I WOULD like to keep the name, but everything else is open for discussion.


I think at this point I'm suffering from analysis paralysis - there is so much to think about, I don't know where to turn. I'd love to hear anybody's ideas on how I can tighten my focus and appeal more to the wedding industry - planners, florists, DJs, caterers, invitation designers, bakers, etc. I've been playing with the tagline "If your business is weddings, our business is YOU." I'm not 100% in love with that, but this is the direction I've been thinking.


Please help!

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Hi Amanda,


I've read the various threads you've posted on about your desire to target the wedding industry. While some mention wedding professionals others mention targeting brides. If you could narrow your choice to one or the other it may help to know where to begin locating those needing assistance.


IMO, the more narrow your niche, the more focused all your marketing will be. It may feel like you're drastically narrowing those who may use your services but in reality your honing yourself into the specialist that will be sought out.


As you determine your new direction, consider being very specific about how you would partner with say, a wedding planner, a DJ or a caterer. Would each of these niches use the same type of services? As you keep focusing tighter and tighter you'll see core services emerging and these services can be carried across the various types of new clients you're seeking.



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Ruth brought out great wisdom that I know will help you.


Think about what you want to do for them too.


Do you want to be the hub for their activity toward weddings? Or other activities? Florists have more than wedding business that they need coordinated.


Do you want to be their marketing arm and build their internet presence by pushing their message at bridal sites, etc.?


This has a lot of wonderful facets and a chance for generalist chaos. Your investigating will pay off in clients and sanity.

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I apologize for the confusion, Ruth, my target market is wedding pros - anyone whose target market is brides/couples. My client's client, so to speak, would be the bride. I am a generalist - I don't have any specific services that I enjoy doing over others, at least not at this point. That may refine as time goes by, but in the meantime, I know what services I generally WON'T be offering - design, some higher-level coding. Other than that, I'm open to anything.


What I'm struggling with, specifically, is how to take those generalist services and spin them in a way that will appeal to the target market I'm pursuing. This is where some of my questions about newsletters and mailing lists come in - taking a service that has value for almost any client and giving it value specifically to my target market.


Judy, I am looking to work with anyone whose main business is weddings. If there are other facets of their business, I'm okay with that too, but I want the focus to be weddings. While it's true that florists have other areas that need to be coordinated, there are many florists/floral designers who focus on and get the bulk of their business from weddings. That would be where I want to concentrate (same with caterers, bakers, etc - the main business should be weddings).


I've been trolling the Wedding Pro groups on linked in and wedding pro forum sites, watching for discussion of pain points, current industry trends, and looking for a chance to offer help and show my expertise. I know I need to focus my message, I'm just not quite sure how.

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It looks to me as if you have been masterminding this in your subconsciousness and have more of it worked out than you realize! Keep moving forward; you're doing fine.

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