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Tawnya Sutherland

VAvirtuosos Stay Connected Virtually

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Wow! Our VAvirtuoso Seminar series is over already! It went by so quickly and I'm having withdrawals from it all. Is there a VA Virtuoso detox center anywhere? ;)


Highlights for me were:


1. All the new tips and strategies I learned that I can put towards helping my VA business.

2. All the cool speakers that I was able to interract with during the event that otherwise, I may never have met.

3. All the freebies & discounts I can put to use in my business that the speakers shared with us.

4. All the new VA friends (and old) I've met and engaged with this week which was truly the highlight of the event for me.


I'd love to thank all of you for attending the VA Virtuoso Seminars and encourage you to come back in the Spring for our next one. Maybe you'll even want to speak at it ;)


Thank you to all the VA Virtuoso speakers for sharing their knowledge and time with us this past week. (Standing Ovation!)


I also want to say thanks to a couple of volunteers who have donated their time to moderator the webinars for us.


*** Marla Williams & Ann Place *** THANK YOU LADIES!!!


Thanks to my daughter Danielle Beauchemin for helping us with our support desk (and for bringing me tea and cookies all week long!).


I'd also like to thank my dear guy Arnold for his support. He is off to the grocery store right now picking up a celebratory treat for me.


If you'd like to leave a comment please go to http://VAvirtuosos.com and scroll down to the bottom. You'll see other comments, raves and testimonials. Please share yours :)


If you attended VAVS2 and want to stay in touch, a good way to do that is to connect here at our forum. Hang out and get to know each other further. Feel free to add your contact info here to your profile too like your linkedin, Twitter, etc.


Thanks again for such a fantastic week!

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It really was a fantastic week! I am already busy putting together my to do list based on some of the new things I learned.





Many thanks to the VAs who were gracious enough to share their time and knowledge with us, and a huge shout out to Tawnya and others working so hard behind the scenes to make this event possible, and so unbelievably affordable ($15 -- that's an ROI that will be hard to beat!)


If it's this much fun hanging with VAs online, I cannot wait to attend my first VA conference next year. I am going to take Yvonne's advice and start a 2011 conference and training fund.


Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!




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Thank you Tawnya for such a great week and putting together such a wonderful speaker list! These seminars blew me away and I am excited to start implementing a variety of the ideas and strategies into my own business!


It was also great to hang out with all the VA's and see some new faces! Let's all keep in touch and push each other to be the best we can in our own business!



Jenna Nash



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Once again I would like to thank you and all of your volunteers and speakers for putting together such a marvelous Virtuosos Seminar this past week. Overwhelming is to put it mildly.


It was also great to chat with other VAs all over the world and get to know them also.


It seems that I have notes everywhere, plus I still have to download all the stuff and then go back and listen to everything again. I have most of the time been a "never say 'never' person" and thought that I had laid out the business plan for my business for almost every contingency. "So much for thinking" Anyway, I may have to revise my business plan and bring some aspects of my business plan into play sooner rather than later. [Although I would really prefer later.] So this past week has helped me because it has given me information that I will need in order to fast forward my business plan. I know that I will be spending more time scheduling the seminars that are in the VAinsiders area sooner rather than later.


I will also welcome the opportunity to get to know the other VAs that attended this last Virtuosos Seminar. I am in the forum at least daily and try to make VAjot each week. I have also tried to take advantage of every opportunity to take each of the seminars that Yvonne, Tawnya and others put on in the VAinsiders area. So I know that I will "see" some of you in these venues.


To all who attended the seminars last week, use the information that you received from Tawyna, Yvonne and the many others who presented, to make your VA business the best!

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Thank you Tawyna and everyone involved. You did a super job putting on this series of webinars. All the speakers were exceptionally talented and gave us so many great ideas and focus points. I absolutely pulled something away from each and every one of the presenters, even if it was just inspiration. I hope to visit each speaker's website and tell them who much I enjoyed their presentations.


It was also great to 'meet' VAs in the chat area. I'm not really that chatty (yet) but enjoyed the friendly banter and camaraderie between everyone.


Hat's off to you all,

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What a great week I had! I am a new VA, so it was a wonderful way to "get my feet wet". Although, I thought I knew at least or thing or two until after last week. Now I feel like I only know a tidbit of what I need to. My "to-do" list has become very, very long. The information presented was excellent and gave me a lot of exposure to things I need to know. I appreciated the way the series was presented; the presentation was very easily visible in the main window, and the chat window helped me to feel a part of the presentation. There was a great variety of subject matter presented as well. Kudus to Tawnya and the VAnetworking team! I will definitely plan on attending the next VA Virtuosos!

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Did somebody mention withdrawals??


Today (Sunday) has been really strange. I felt my computer pulling me closer, and I kept hearing Tawnya's perky voice saying, "Welcome Everyone to the VA Virtuosos Seminars...", but when I went to the seminar room no one was there! Duh! Time to get on with my life. This wonderful week of comraderie, and learning new, fantastic things is over. Face it, Patty. You're on your own.


But, no -- wait!! I have access to those fantastic webinars I can run anytime in the next three months, I have all the PowerPoint slides, and I have all the recordings!! All I have to do is download them all.


I also have 35% off another year of VA Insiders -- not to mention that I can turn to the Forum as I have today, and meet back up with all my new and 'old' friends.


On my own?? Never! Not with this support group we call VAnetworking behind me.


Whew! Yes! I feel much better now.


Thank you Tawnya for creating this wonderful meeting place where we can get direction, quality training, inspiration, and a caring shoulder. There is no other place like this one.


You are truly a Blessing!




Patty Passalacqua

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Guest aplusadmin

This is the fist time I've attended such seminars for Virtual Assistants online and LOVED it! The information we all received was beyond anything I could have done on my own in one week!


Kudos to ALL the speakers and Tawnya for organizing these seminars and I look so forward to the Spring 2011 seminars!


I've downloaded all the information for all the seminars and spent several hours re-listening to the speakers and taking more notes. :)


Once again...THANK YOU to all the speakers and to Tawnya! Oh yes to all the helpers she had: Marla Williams, Ann Place, Tawnya's daughter, Danielle Beauchemin and to the gentlemen, who I hope, installed your heat, Tawnya!


See everyone around the forum and at the Spring 2011 Seminars!

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This was my first VAvirtuoso series. I am still implementing what I have learned. There was some much information to access and put to a great use. I will diffidently join the next one. :)


So glad you enjoyed it! And don't forget to send me your testimonials for our webpage and marketing materials :)

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