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I just found this forum and am so glad I did! I can see that some of my other colleagues from AssistU have already established a presence here, so I have some catching up to do.


Like many of you, I, too, come from years of "unappreciation" from the corporate world. However, I admit that those 20 years gave me a broad background, which is an advantage in the virutal assistance world.


I live in God's country, which we all know is Colorado. biggrin.gif Actually I live in Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak (the inspiration for the favorite patriotic song, America, The Beautiful. I have 4 children and 3.9 grandchildren (1 is due in the next couple of days). My office is frequently a lively recreation area for my cat, Izzy, who really enjoys walking across my laptop, and Lucy, my hyper beagle.


I spend much of my free time singing in a championship barbershop quartet within the women's organization, Sweet Adelines International. My quartet, Vocal Legacy is getting ready for another 6-state, Regional competition April 1. I'll keep you posted if we're successful again!


I look forward to learning and sharing much in this forum!


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Guest TerryGreen

Welcome to the forum Terry applause.gif !


This really is a great place to network with other VAs and share all kinds of great ideas to help each other grow our businesses. It's also good to see another Terry with a "y." Coincidentally, my father used to live in Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak. I never visited him while he was there, but he said it was very beautiful.


Look forward to getting to know you better.


Terry Green

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Hello and Welcome Terry applause.gif


You just found the best forum on the net by far!!!



kimmer biggrin.gif

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Guest CindyHillsey

Hi Terry:


Nice to "see" another familiar face here. smile.gif



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Welcome Terry and glad you found your way here. Yes, there seems to be quite a following of AssistU VAs here and we highly recommend an AssistU graduation here.


I have only flown over Colorado but here it is gorgeous in the winter. Its actually just south of Vancouver here if I have my geography correct.


Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas ahead and who knows...maybe a Christmas baby added to the family too!


Enjoy the forum and I will email you after the New Year regarding your email to me this week....





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