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Tawnya Sutherland

The Holiday Season is Fast Approaching

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More and more Virtual Assistants are adding Send Out Cards to their business during the holiday season for three reasons:


1. It's a cheap way ($1/card includes postage) to keep in touch or reconnect with your clients during the holidays by sending them a high quality personalized greeting card.


2. Send Out Cards has some fantastic gifts you can send with your personalized, customized card for those special clients.


3. PLUS, Send Out Cards is a fantastic referral marketing program that clients totally love and want! As a distributor, you can sell Send Out Cards to your clients so that they can send out their holiday greeting cards with their logo on them (you make $140 commission on each Wholesale Premium Package to your clients). Not to mention, now your clients will need a VA to manage their Send Out Cards campaigns that you can charge them to do at your hourly rate!


Holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with clients, business colleagues, friends and family with a friendly, personalized, high quality greeting card.


I use Send Out Cards, an online greeting card system that is super convenient for me to reach out in kindness to others. It's so easy, I find myself sending out cards every week! My relatives love receiving cards from me with pictures of my family on them. Our hockey team loved last years holiday cards with an image of our team on it. And from a business standpoint, it has truly increased my client base and brought some new opportunities my way too! I send out cards with my logo on them to brand myself. And for those in business, Send Out Cards is also a revenue generating add-on business opportunity to anyone working from home too. Ask me about that one day.


The Send Out Cards contact manager never lets me forget a special birthday or anniversary date. The cards are very high quality and can be customized with my pictures, logo, handwriting and my very own signature.


AND, all for the fraction of the cost of getting in my car, driving to the card shop at the mall, paying a minimum $5/card, going to post office, sealing my card, licking a stamp and popping it into the mailbox. PHEW! I get tired just thinking about send a card the old way now HA! I can send one now with just a click of my mouse and it costs under $1/card (including postage). Very economical for my holiday cards!


Are the Holidays Stressing You Out?

Let Me Help...


Please do 2 things for me today:


1. Watch my video here: www.sendoutcards.com/vanetworking


2. Send a card for free (on my dollar) to someone today to show you care. Give my greeting card system a go and let me know what you think.


WARNING: Send Out Cards is addictive! ;)

There's still time left to make sending holiday greeting cards economical, simple and fun this year!


You can get started for ONLY $49 with the Retail Package which includes 10 cards and postage! Yes, you heard me right, postage is included :)


Wishing you a stress-free holiday season ahead!


Send a card today: www.sendoutcards.com/vanetworking


Tawnya Sutherland

Founder of www.VAnetworking.com

Send Out Cards Distributor #84892


PS: If you are not interested in the business opportunity of Send Out Cards, you can still enjoy my Send Out Card Retail Store where you can send a card to your client for only $2.99 (which included postage). There are also hundreds of gifts you can add to your card selection. ENJOY!


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