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Hello Everyone! I was wondering how I would go about answering phones for 3 different clients. Do I need to get a phone with 3 different lines or do I have the clients forward their phones to my line and I look to see what name comes up and answer accordingly??? I hope I don't sound like a complete idiot!!!


Thank you in advance,

Lynn :wacko:

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Guest Pat Z.



The problem with having the phone lines forwarded directly to you is that you will not be able to tell what client the call is intended for. Ring Central is great, but I believe that your client has to own the account (of course you can set it up for them and include in your monthly billing, but if they bail, you're stuck) and they can set up an extension for you - you can then specify where and how you want the phone to ring and take messages.


I've only had one client actually forward their calls to me - it was confusing because I couldn't differentiate between her calls and my personal calls :(

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I have one client who transfers his calls to me and he is using a virtual PBX system so during office hours it rings to me and it shows his office number so I always know how to answer the call. During off hours and weekends it rings directly to voice mail and then sends an email to both of us so we can see that someone called and hear the message they left.


So, if you wanted to do this for multiple companies they would need to set up their virtual PBX (which could be Ring Central or a number of other ones) and make sure that when it rings through it shows their office number so you know who you're answering for when a call comes in.


Hope this helps,


Dawn Kramer, President

Midwest VA Group


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I haven't experienced this type of problem but if I do I would get 3 different line for all my clients so that I can devote all my time to them without having to worry if the other client is calling and can't get in because the line is busy...

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I don't plan on offering this service because my main phone is my cell and I don't want it ringing at all hours. But great advice if I ever change my mind about this.

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