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Tawnya Sutherland

Virtual Assistant Weekender Report - November 13th

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Hi Forum Members,


Here's your Weekender Report to keep you "IN THE KNOW" with informative and entertaining resources for your virtual business success this week! Included are:


*** Virtual News You Can Use NOW

*** VAinsiders Club MotiVAtor

*** eSEMINAR SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!

*** HOT Topics at the forum this past week

*** Virtual Weekender FREEBIE






1) In October of 2008, VAClassroom launched the web's very first Social Marketing Specialist Training Program in response to a fast growing demand for virtual professionals with top-notch Social Media Skills. In their inaugural training program, they had about 50 students participate in the four week certification course!


Two years have past and many of these initial students have become Social Media thought leaders and have taken their businesses in exciting and profitable new directions! Craig at VAClassroom received testimonials from students who were still working the corporate world and were able to quit their "day job" to work full-time as a Social Media Specialist. How cool this that?


Well, on November 15th, there are currently about 65 students who are gearing up to chart a profitable new path in their business as a Product Launch Support Specialist. Craig believes that the opportunities for those with Product Launch skills could be even bigger then any of the preview niche training programs they have created. The reality is that those who know how to launch products well on the web are few and far between and I can't imagine the wave of small business owners who would LOVE to have a professional on their team with some Product Launch Savvy!


If you have already signed-up for the Product Launch Program, then way to go - Exciting things are ahead for you! If you are still considering taking this program, I would not hesitate any longer. The timing of the course could not be better as the opportunities these new found skills will create for your business will be amazing


To grab one the last seats, just click on the below link.






2) It's that time of the year again to get in touch with your client and business colleagues by sending them holiday greeting cards and unique gifts to show your appreciation for them. An economical way to do this is by using Send Out Cards which is what I use and highly recommend.


AND you don't have to pay a ton of dollars to sign up to it either as now they have retail packages starting at only $49. Get a jump start on your holiday card giving today. Test this fantastic online greeting card system on my dollar now at:






3) It's True: Copywriting Skills Help VAs Land More Clients ...Sign up for the SEO Copywriting Course and Grow Your Biz!


Web copywriting services are in high demand, but the skills are in LOW supply. If you can create compelling, optimized copy for the web, you automatically gain a competitive edge.


And now my friend (and my own copywriter here at VAnetworking) is going to share her copywriting secrets starting next week. In 4 live webinars you'll learn how to write and edit copy that SELLS. (And take it from me, Karri makes it super easy!)


If you haven’t already registered, snag your seat now: http://www.VAnetworking.com/karriseo


Use coupon code COPYROCKS at the checkout and SAVE $50!


PS: I've known Karri Flatla since her “VA days.” She is one of the BEST copywriters working online today. You will ENJOY this training and walk away with a ton of copywriting confidence.


Register now: http://www.VAnetworking.com/karriseo



4) The National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims is a day set aside to remember those killed or seriously injured on roads, often in avoidable collisions, and those left to deal with the sudden and unexpected loss of people they love. November 17 is your opportunity to remember the victims, and to express your support.


Visit http://www.rememberroadcrashvictims.ca for more information & to sign the national pledge.


The Drop It And Drive campaign has been launched by VAnetworking member, Karen M. Bowman, West Coast Way Consulting Inc. To learn more, give your support, or sign the national pledge visit http://www.DropItAndDrive.com


“I’d love to see the entire Virtual Assistant industry step up to pledge their support to end distracted driving. If you sign the national pledge before Nov. 17th, please drop by my Blog, include your name on The Pledge page noting your role as a Virtual Assistant. Thanks.” Karen Bowman



5) JUST FOR FUN! Canadian Virtual Assistants! Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory sitcom on television? My guess is that if you are a geek lover like me, you do! I've got a favour to ask my Canuck friends: The Big Bang Theory is my fav sitcom on TV and I'd love to win a trip to LA to visit their set. Can you help me out??? Just signup here to help me win: http://ht.ly/39l3s


You win by gaining points and right now the leader has only 10,000 points. I get 1,000 points for everyone that signs up to their website or creates an experiment like I did. If 15 VAs signup to the experiment, I'll be in the lead! Join in on the fun and win weekly prizes: http://ht.ly/39l3s





Take part in the 2010 Virtual Assistant Survey today!

Receive over 15 F R E E gifts just for participating.







VAinsider Club MotiVAtor



There are two simple words that are so important in the success of your business; THANK YOU. Don't ever forget to use them and use them often. Thank your clients, thank your subcontractors, thank your family and other supporters and thank yourself each and every day that you had the guts to follow your dreams.


Receive more valuable tips and business strategies by becoming a VAinsider Club member today!


Your VAinsider Club membership starts at only $7/mth. Not much to pay nowadays to help your business get the upper hand in the virtual service world. What are you waiting for?


JOIN TODAY at http://VAinsiders.com




Webinar SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!



Stay up to date with times of all our educational business webinars by adding our schedule toyour Google calendar now at:









BMI International Business Networking



Business Plan Question regarding business failures



My First Networking Experience First time for everything!



New Member welcome from Durban, South Africa




Want to meet other VAs and network in real life???

Upcoming VAmeets.com being arranged now:


Golden Horseshoe VAmeets, November 11th in Oakville, Ontario, Canada




For VAinsider Club Members Only:


Gratitude How often should we say thank you and how?








Be prepared for the holiday season and holiday-prep your Virtual Assistant website. Download our VAinsiders Tip Sheet on how to do this:




Until next week...


To Your Virtual Success,

Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of The Leading Virtual Assistant Networking Forum Since 2003







Ride the Inside Track to Virtual Success...

Become a VAinsider http://www.VAinsiders.com


Show Your Clients That You Care...

Send them a greeting card today for F.R.E.E. at:



Get VAcertified at http://www.VAcertified.com



Follow us on:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/vanetworking

Facebook: www.VAnetworking.com/fanpage

Linkedin: www.VAnetworking.com/linkedin

VA Client Blog: www.VAnetworking.com/blog

VA Startup Blog www.virtualassistantinabox.com


Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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