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Jodie Burdette

1Shoppingcart and Quickbooks Merchant Account

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How do you setup Quickbooks Merchant Services to integrate with 1Shoppingcart? The only thing 1SC needs is the merchant account number and then it tells me to setup the merchant account to accept transactions from 1SC. I can't find anywhere in the merchant account to do this.


Also, is Intuit Merchant Services the same thing as QBMS?


I have worked with a lot of different merchant accounts but Intuit's center is seriously un-intuitive.


Jodie "When people say "You're not the brightest crayon in the box" I always correct them by saying "I am not even in the box, in fact I'm a highlighter" Burdette

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Hi Jodie -


First off, love your crayon quote - mind if I re-post it?


Second, Im not sure 1SC will sync with QB Merchant. I have used QB Merchant for years, and have no problem with their call line support. And yes, Intuit Merchant is the same. Intuit is the parent company of QB.


If you go into 1SC it should tell you exactly all the merchant accounts it will work with. If not, you may need to call them.

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Feel free to use the quote Kristi. I found it on a quotes site and it was attributed to Anonymous.


1SC does list Quickooks Merchant Services. The only info it asks for is your merchant account number and then it tells you to go into QBMS and allow it to accept transactions from 1SC. What I can't figure out is where to that inside QBMS.


Jodie "I'm hell when I'm well and I'm seldom sick" Burdette

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Unfortunately, I have no experience with that, but I can suggest you one more site where you can create a free merchant account without any problem. That site is Payscout. I use their services so many times and I like their services.

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I download bank accounts and don't know if the 1SC download is similar. If it is, try this:


  1. Choose Banking > Online Banking. Note: If your menu option is Banking > Downloaded Transactions, there's no way to adjust automation options.
  2. Select the account you'd like to change automation for and click Edit.
  3. Select the Automation Option that works best for you::
    a. Full Automation - We accept all downloaded transactions into your register, either by matching them with existing transactions, or by adding them as new transactions.
    b. Match+Add - We match transactions the same way as Full Automation, except we don't add transactions if they would be Uncategorized (Instead these transactions are placed in the Transactions to Review section on the bottom right of the register.)
    c. Match - We only match transactions, and don't add any to the register. (Recommended for QuickBooks Online accounts using credit card processing through Intuit Merchant Services)
    d. No Automation - You'll match or add each transaction yourself from the Transactions to Review section at the bottom of the register. We recommend this setting if you're new to online banking.
  4. Select how you want your Reconciling Options set:
    a. AutoClear - each time a transaction is automatically or manually matched or added, it gets marked as cleared in your bank or credit card register.
    b. Don't AutoClear - transactions will not be marked as cleared until you do so through our reconcile process (Banking > Reconcile).
  5. Click Save.
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