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Virtual Assistant Weekender Report - May 27th

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Go here for our online version:



Hi {member_name},


Here's your Weekender Report to keep you "IN THE KNOW" with informative and entertaining resources for your virtual business success this coming week!


Included this weekend are:


*** Virtual News You Can Use NOW

*** VAinsiders Club MotiVAtor

*** eSEMINAR SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!

*** HOT Topics at the forum this past week

*** Virtual Weekender FREEBIE






1. Don't miss out! Seats are filling up for the F.R.E.E preview of our 1st Virtual Assistant Specialty Educations Series (or VASES for short). Make your business flower by adding our VASES to your service belt. VASES is a series of educational Virtual Assistant training programs developed by trainers hand-picked by Tawnya Sutherland, Founder of VAnetworking.com. The Virtual Assistant training programs will be categorized under marketing, social media, software and business sense.


These Virtual Assistant training programs are taught through various multimedia learning environments like audio interviews, screen capture videos, video lectures, workbooks and study guides all with a user friendly virtual testing environment. These training programs will be recognized qualifiers for VAcertified.com


Attend a preview of our first program in our Networking VASES by Kathy Colaiacovo: Setting up your Virtual Assistant Presence on the Top 3 Social Media Platforms


You can register here for our F.R.E.E. preview webinar which will be held on June 9th at 3PM PDT here. Only 100 seats available for this F.R.E.E. preview webinar so secure your spot now!





2. Dragons Den Meets the Virtual Assistant World! I'm finally at my parents house coming down from all the excitement going on the TV show Dragon's Den this past week. It was hoot and tons of fun! Big thanks to everyone who participated:


Rob W. Neilly of www.delphianva.com

Jocelyn Reyes Midghall of www.yourfabva.com

Jacqueline Miller Gormley

Danielle Beauchemin of www.ImLovingThis.com

Arnold Klappe of www.KingGeorgeAviation.com


Make sure you follow them on Facebook and check out their websites.


I can't tell you the outcome as I'm under a huge contract not to say anything. It will air sometime in Season 6 (Sept-March) and they'll give us 2 weeks notice before it airs so I can tell all of you to watch it. If you can't get it on your network, it will be recorded for you later on. This should be good PR for the Virtual Assistant industry with 11M viewers!


Here are pre-pictures on our Facebook page that you can look at if you LIKE us:





3. I'd love to meet you in Victoria, BC, Canada between June 4-5th. I'll be on a panel at Social Media Camp talking about VAs and social media. Hope to see you there!





4. I'm heading to Atlanta in August to attend the Niche Affiliate Marketing workshop for the 4th time. I'd love to meet up with you there and hang out. Here's a video I did awhile back about the fun networking at NAMS:




It's a fabulous learning experience if you are looking to expand your money making opportunities online with your website or even a new website. My daughter Danielle attended with me last year. She knew nothing about how to make money online and now she has a couple of affiliate websites that bring her lipstick money in each month for her ;)


The details for the event are at:




The coupon code is: 100special


The code is good for $100 off and there is also the 3 payment option available for this month only.


Danielle and I hope to see you there in August! Drop me a line if you are attending and we'll meet up.





Webinar SCHEDULE - Mark your calendars!



Stay up to date with times of all our educational business webinars by adding our schedule to your Google calendar now at:




Also, join us for #VAjot Socials at 4pm PDT every Thursday Night.


It’s a social networking webinar to JOT down everything on our minds, from introducing new members to discussing positive flows within our businesses. We guarantee it will be a fun and informative social night for all to hang with their peers in the VA industry! All Virtual Assistants (or wanna-bees?) welcomed and please bring your URL with you to promote to us.


Make sure you are registered to receive passwords to our complimentary


webinars by signing up one time only at










This week, instead of a freebie for you, I`m going to ask you to help out friends that have had their lives ripped apart from the terrible tornado in Joplin, Missouri. One of our forum members family were right in the middle of it and lost almost everything. You can read all about it here and donate too. The videos of destruction Angela Smith shares with us are unbelievable and amazing to watch and know people survived this.






Until next week...


To Your Virtual Success,


Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of The Leading Virtual Assistant Networking Forum Since 2003



Providing exceptional online support services to businesses and entrepreneurs since 2010. Visit my website to learn more.


Brand New? Check out the Virtual Assistant Career Program.
Veteran VA? Check out the VAinsiders Club (Job Board, Group Coaching plus extensive training resources)

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