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Tawnya Sutherland

Want to Make More Money in Your VA Business? - Register for VAVS4 Toda

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Have you been 'itchin' lately to learn how to make MORE money in your Virtual Assistant business?

Silly question, of course you have!


That's why I don't want YOU TO MISS my popular Virtual Assistant VAvirtuosos Seminars (VAVS4 < Season 4) held this November 14-18th called "From One Virtual Assistant to Another..."


Go to my website now to read all about it: http://www.VAvirtuosos.com


I've got 20 education business webinars lined up for you online that you can learn from via the comfort of your very own home office. No commute expenses involved! All you need is a computer with speakers (or a headset) to listen with, an internet connection and YOU!


Oh, and $19. Yep, you heard me right, $19 for 20 webinars. That's less than $1 each!


Nowhere else will you gain more knowledge to help you with your VA business at such an affordable price than at VAVS4. You'll gain insight, strategies, tips and tricks from VA business colleagues who have been there and done it and NOW want to share with you how they did it. You'll learn valuable information to help your VA business grow faster into the work at home empire you have always dreamed by attending our Fall VA Virtuoso Seminars (VAVS4) coming to you November 14-18.




And guess what? It's ONLY $19 for 20 webinars (YES! I am still amazed I can pull this off at such an affordable price off but I did for one more season)! Saying that, our webinar room only holds 100 attendees and we sell out every time so please make sure you grab your seat today if you want to gain some insight from some of the best and the brightest in virtual assistance.


OK! Here’s what you've been waiting for... the lineup of topics:


1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Becoming a VA But Were Afraid to Ask!

2. Why Every VA Needs WordPress!

3. Virtual Bookkeeper Tools, Tips and Best Practices 4. Marketing Your Expertise: Information Products and Why Your Business Needs Them 5. Networking and Press Releases – What They Can Both Do For You and Your Business 6. How a Signature Program Can Add Revenue to Your VA Business 7. How to Use PowerPoint to Create Marketing Videos 8. How to Use Video and Audio to Market Your VA Practice 9. Looking For Your Niche? Sometimes It Just Finds You 10. 10 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You!

11. 5 Easy Ways to Create Your Amazing Authentic Brand Identity: People Buy You!

12. How to Get New Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business 13. Stand Out! How Virtual Assistants Get Noticed and Attract Attention from Potential Clients 14. How to Get A Rush of Great, New, High-Paying Clients to Seek YOU Out as an Online Marketing Manager 15. Offshore Freelancers – Threat or Opportunity?


PLUS you'll have access to 5 other webinars from our featured sponsors who made this event possible to give you for only $19! You'll learn more about our sponsors in an upcoming email.


PLUS PLUS...each speaker has a giveaway for you!


It will be an exciting educational series of 15 online webinars to benefit all virtual assistants worldwide (Plus 5 bonus webinars from our sponsors). These webinars will be presented, over the course of 5 days, by fellow Virtual Assistants who have been there, done that, and want to share all that (and more) with you!


There is something for every Virtual Assistant at our VAVS4!


The cost? Less than $1 to attend each seminar. Yep you heard me right! Only $19 for 20 webinars, isn't that fabulous?


READ ALL THE DETAILS HERE: http://www.VAvirtuosos.com


NOTE: Only 100 seats available. Reserve your seat today for one low price of $19 PLUS a truckload of free downloads and special offers. Some points I’d like to highlight…


** It’s affordable (yep, we’re still in a recession)

** It’s accessible (who isn’t online nowadays?)

** It’s social (connect with your business peers)

** It’s educational (knowledge is power)

** It’s FUN (duh! Just read the raves from last year)


Erin Stinson said...These VAvirtuosos seminars have been the best seminars I have ever attended! They are not only jammed packed with educational information but they are blast to attend. The cream of the crop are here and sharing all their insider secrets. This is a series that should not be missed. Making these key connections is priceless to any virtual business. I am so excited everyday to attend the seminars, I turn off the TV, the phone and have child entertainment ready! I wouldn’t miss these seminars. I have really enjoyed meeting these phenomenal women and can’t wait to meet the remaining ladies.


Patty Passalacqua said...I truly don’t know what I would have done without you and your supportive network of virtual assistants. You give me the courage to go forward with my heart’s desire - to have a successful VA business. The VAvirtuosos Series opened the door to the VA path for me. Now I can look at the termination of my employment with hope and excitement, instead of the usual dread!!


Don't miss this webinar series to help your Virtual Assistant business move forward this fall. At less than $1/webinar presented by entrepreneurs in the exact same business as you, how can you not attend to learn their success stories?


CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! http://www.VAvirtuosos.com


From one VA to another...network, learn and enjoy!



Tawnya Sutherland

Founder of VAnetworking.com


PS: VAinsider Club members, check out our Monday Motivator this past week for a 25% discount coupon for you to attend! http://www.VAinsiders.com

Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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