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I"m not sure if this is the correct forum to put this in, if not could one of the moderators please move it to the correct place.


I've been working hard to get my website designed, all the content developed, and getting it online so I could officially open my 'doors'. With that said....


I'd like to announce the opening of Atlanta Virtual Assistance.




I'd love some input and feed back, helpful hints, corrections, anything you all can think of that will make it better.


Thanks in advance!



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Thanks for pointing that out Becki. I've downloaded Mozilla's Firefox, checked the site and see the problem...now all I have to do if figure out how to fix it....lol...I think I know what's needed.


Thanks again, I didn't know about Firefox.



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Wow! That’s an attractive site Mary. The pages respond quickly, and the entire site looks sleek and professional. Your content is excellent.


The logo link back to your home page has the wrong file extension (.html instead of .htm) and returns a 404 not found error.


Give some thought to these usability issues:

  • Disabling right click is a bad idea, period. An interesting article and discussion:


  • Don’t rely on client side scripting to write all navigational elements without providing some sort of fallback mechanism. A single external JavaScript file is a lot easier maintain, but you will have visitors that have JavaScript disabled. TheCounter.com is showing a 9% JavaScript disabled percentage in their aggregated global statistics (52 million visitors) this month: http://www.thecounter.com/stats/2005/January/javas.php

    Your statistics will vary, but that is a significant number.

If you need help correcting the menu problems in Firefox, don’t hesitate to post back.


Great job!


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Thanks Carol! That's great feedback and the things you pointed out are very valid. Thanks also for finding the bad link.


I've corrected the link error, taken out the "no right click" coding and added text menu links to the bottom of every page.


I really appreciate the input from you and everyone!

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