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Block or Spam? Which to do on Twitter?


Blocking someone is something I do when they are simply nasty online, either to me or just in general. They may not have been outright spamming, but I just do not want to connect to them, nor see their tweets, etc. This is a Block.


A telltale Spam report would be someone posting a tweet with no update and simply a list of Twitter user IDs and a link. They are trying to get people to click the link - whatever it is for. Using a list of Twitter IDs lets them try and reach more and more people to do this. That is a spammer. Click report as Spam and feel okay about it.


You can also tell a spammer from looking at things like followers, following and # tweets. Seeing a user with 10 followers, 1500 they are following and 1000 tweets...they are a spammer. They follow tons of people, no one follows them back and they have tweeted tons of times. Zero tweets posted is also a sign of a spammer when combined with low followers and high following.


Block = annoyance - you just don’t want to see them / tweets


Spam = outright spamming of links - too many tweets with links or no tweets at all


Try some blocking and spamming this week and let me know if it goes well and what you found.

Kathy Colaiacovo, Social Media Consultant
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