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Northern CA - Placer, Sacramento, El Dorado, Yolo County VA's

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Hello Everyone,


I see a lot of meet-ups all over the US and beyond, but none for my area. I know there are a lot of VA's here though! If you are in the Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado or Yolo County areas please post below! I would love to set up a monthly/quarterly meet-up somewhere between all of these areas. It would be a great time to exchange tips, challenges, successes, etc.




-Amanda Lawson

USA Virtual Assistants

Roseville, CA 95747

My Website

Email me

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Hi Amanda;


I am located in Carmichael and am looking for a coach. I am also looking for someone to network with. If you have any resources for either of these items, please let me know, I am looking to get started within the next month or so, once I have my website finished and final touches put on my brand.


Thank you,


Ronda Henderson

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