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Tawnya Sutherland

Your Virtual Assistant Report - June 23rd

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View The Virtual Assistant Report online at:





Here's your VA Report to keep you "IN THE KNOW" with informative and entertaining resources for your virtual business success this coming week!



A Note From Tawnya



Were you Google Penguin slapped?


Recently a bunch of my business colleagues got slapped by Penguin and just totally dropped off the face of Google. Around April 25th many of them noticed a sharp decrease in search engine rankings for their websites. As many web masters may or may not know, Google regularly updates its algorithms which can affect rankings for websites in the search engine results pages.


Ian Scott, VAnetworking's SEO Team, states: "Over the past year or so, there have been regular major updates to what Google has called "Panda." However, on April 24-25th of this year, Google released what it calls "Penguin." It should be noted that Penguin is actually a filter, and not part of the search algorithm. In other words, Penguin is "applied" to the data that Google has - so far, it's been applied twice that we know about. The first one was the April event and then once again toward the end of May.


Ian Scott kindly put together a list of some thinga to look for on your own site that might be why you got Penguin slapped in Google. Here it is:


1. Over optimization of keywords. This can happen when you are creating content and focusing on keyword phrases and they are in the Title tag, description tag and also the url of the content. You don't need all three to have the keyword phrases and indeed, Google is now looking at this as over optimization. Some webmasters will even repeat the keyword phrase in the Title tag as well. Don't do this anymore!


2. Write your content with humans in mind, not search engines. This can't be stressed enough. As has been said and written many times and other places, Google is pretty good at being able to figure out what your website and content is about. You don't need to repeat keyword phrases over and over, yet many web masters continue to do that.


3. Overuse of keywords in your own onsite linking.


4. Thin content - Google is now looking for content that is informative and that will engage visitors to your site. Keep this in mind. If you have lots of pages that are "thin" in content, considering either getting rid of those pages or combining your thin content into a larger article. Then do a 301 redirect to the new content from the old pages.


5. Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions. I know - especially on older non Word Press sites, it can be easy to use an old HTML page as your template to create new content and then in a rush, you forget to change the Title and Description tags. This is a quality issue that you should address.


6. Take a look at your links to other sites. Do you have many links that now go to non-existent webpages or websites? How about links to what used to be legitimate websites, but the domain is now owned by someone else and contains poor or irrelevant content? Perhaps even adult/gambling or other such characteristics? Again, this could be a quality issue if Google finds this.


7. Do you have a high number of 404's on your own website? Fix them! It may take Google awhile to discover that they have been corrected. A small number won't drastically affect your rankings, but a high percentage may.


8. Site speed is also a ranking issue. When you create images, do you save your jpg's too large in file size? Most graphics software will allow you to reduce the quality of a jpg (and you can view this to ensure you haven't reduced it too much) while still being suitable for viewing on a computer screen.


9. Do you have paid links on your website? Google recognizes that many sites offer links in return for payment - and if you have many of these, they should be all set to "nofollow." Google especially frowns on paid links that are not set to "nofollow" as they view this as attempting to buy page rank.


If you were hit by Penguin, and your site has not been completely deindexed by Google, there is still much hope that you can again achieve high search engine rankings in Google by taking a long hard look at your site for these "quality" issues.


Let Ian know how you make out by joining us in this discussion in full. Login the forum and click on this link to share with us:




Virtual News You Can Use NOW!



1) Our New VASES program on becoming a Web Graphic VA Specialist started on Thursday with Angela Wills. You can still jump in on the program which just started at:





2) Looking to learn more about Pinterest?? This past week we had a super informative webinar training program presented by my friend Dan Morris on:


Image Marketing: More than just Pinterest!


You can catch the video reply here if you missed it this past week.



And here's the link to the Pinterest course he offered to our network for only $9.97. Grab it while supplies last. All sales proceeds go toward keeping our VAnetworking Forum FR-EE for our members :)





3) Don't miss the Virtual Assistant Training offer at VA Coupon Deals that you'll want to check out this month. Learn from Ali Rittenhouse, Tech Cheerleader, Digital Diva and Empress of Online Empires exactly how to position yourself as the Top Techie Expert to your clients with this NEW Geek Lab Training Program.





4) I'm still actively seeking speakers for our next VAvirtuosos.com conference in September. Share your knowledge with your peers and speak at our event. All speakers will receive free attendance to the whole conference with 20 speakers ready to share their business successes!


If interested in speaking with us, please visit our website and apply here:



We also are looking sponsors for this event and welcome you to look at our sponsor packages. If you'd like to sponsor our event please apply here as we only have a few spots still available:





VAinsiders Club MotiVAtor



Take the time to learn from others, those that are successful. If you want to be like someone or have your business look like someone else, the best way to do this is to take a good hard look at them and their business and then try to emulate them.


Receive more motiVAtional moments plus business strategies by Becoming a VAinsider Club member today!


Your VAinsider Club membership starts at only $7/mth. Not much to pay nowadays to help your business get the upper hand in the virtual service world. What are you waiting for?


JOIN TODAY at http://www.VAinsiders.com




Webinar Schedule - Mark Your Calendar!





DATE: Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 3PM PDT


TOPIC: VAjot Socials every Thursday for #VAjot Socials at 3pm PDT.


It’s a social networking webinar to JOT down everything on our minds, from introducing new members to discussing positive flows within our businesses. We guarantee it will be a fun and informative social night for all to hang with their peers in the VA industry! All Virtual Assistants (or wanna-bees?) welcomed and please bring your URL with you to promote to us.


ENTER/REGISTER VAjot room here: http://www.VAjot.com

Password: educate






DATE: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 3PM PDT

LEVEL: Supercharge Only

SERIES: Internet Marketing Q & A

TOPIC: Looking at Pricing Determinations and Policies


Bring your mic and internet marketing questions to our LIVE open-air webinar Q & A with Tawnya Sutherland, a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist. She will help, guide, advise and find you the resources you’ll need for success with your online marketing plan. Each week Tawnya will bring to light your most darkest issues surrounding how to be seen online by your market and how to strategically entice your market to easily buy from your website. Who would have known making money online was this easy? Tawnya is a usability expert with a long-term goal of helping Virtual Assistants worldwide turn their website clicks into cash for their business. She will also be available to give LIVE Website Critiques as time permits.


Learn more about upcoming VAinsider Club webinars at:





Who’s talking about what at the Forum...



If you haven't joined our FREE Virtual Assistant Networking Forum http://www.VirtualAssistantForum.com you are sorely missing out on a huge resource for your business. With over 15,000 registered members and over 134,000 topics and posts, you'll find the answers to every question imaginable about virtual assistance. And if you don't find the answer, then just post your question and within minutes someone will kindly help you out.


Our Motto: No question is ever stupid, stupidity comes from not asking when you have the opportunity (VAnetworking.com) to do so.




**You must be logged into the forum to view these else you will receive a message saying "Sorry, we couldn't find that! Maybe you need to login first" Membership is FR-EE so signup and learn from each other :)


Intuit releases QuickBooks "Bookkeeper" edition



Top 3 Ways Laptops Break



Clients Who Won't Pay



** Follow our hashtag on Twitter for new topics daily at our forum #VAforum



Image Marketing: More than just Pinterest



How Hootsuite Can Help You Manage Your “Twitter Time”



Challenge Your Virtual Assistant Mindset





Don't forget to be seen by getting "IN THE FACE" of your target market >>> Potential clients and VAs looking to outsource! Comment today at "The VA Blog"






YOUR Weekender Freebie



On my surfing travels this week I came across an interesting report for you website to learn how well you are doing across 3 critical areas of your marketing. Speciafically the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and analytics. Check it out, the answers may surprise you...






To Your Virtual $uccess,


Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of The Leading Virtual Assistant Networking Forum Since 2003




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