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Lily Chambers

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Hi there. My name is Lily E. Chambers, CPS, CQU (just Lily is fine, thanks!) and I am the owner and operator of The Virtual Office Goddess, LLC specializing in virtual bookkeeping and office support services. I have over 3 decades of office experience in 11 industries, including more than 15 years as a full-charge bookkeeper. I am the author of “How To Do Your Own Small Business Bookkeeping (utilizing QuickBooks software)” available through Amazon.com (see my signature if interested), a past "basic bookkeeping" class instructor at The Academy of Virtual Education (AOVE) and the past editor/publisher of “The Virtual Evolution” ezine.

Here’s my story: how I became an ‘accidental entrepreneur’

I started my office career as a secretary and ended up working as a bookkeeper for various companies – a water engineering firm, an immigration law office, a criminal law office, and a criminal justice consulting firm, all small companies - when the bookkeeper at the water engineering firm left to start her own business and they trained me to replace her. My father owned his own business when I was growing up and I swore up and down that I would NEVER become an entrepreneur! Famous last words!

I had been working for the criminal justice consulting firm for about two years when one of our subcontractors approached me for a referral. “I’m the trustee for a local horse rescue operation and the board just authorized me to find a part-time bookkeeper. It’s only a couple of hours a month. Can you suggest someone for me to contact?” Of course, my first response was “me!” After all, only a few hours a month wouldn’t be that hard and who couldn’t use the extra money, right?

She suggested I start up a business and file for a LLC with the Secretary of State so I could write off my expenses. A few weeks later, she called and said she had a friend who was looking for a part-time bookkeeper and, now that I had my own business, would I be interested in talking to her. The rest, as they say, is history!

And in case you were wondering, CPS = Certified Professional Secretary (earned through the International Association of Administrative Professionals - IAAP) and CQU = Certified QuickBooks User (earned through Intuit – makers of QuickBooks software).

I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible. :)

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