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Angela Wills

Message From Your Forum Moderator, Angela Wills

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Hi everyone,


I wanted to introduce myself as the forum moderator here for the Graphic Design & Desktip Publishing forum.


First of all I'm thrilled to be part of the fantastic team of moderators here. I first met Tawnya many years ago at a virtual assistant event. A litte tip: If you ever have the opportunitiy to get out to live events it's really a great way to build relationships and partnerships that will benefit your business and your blog! :coffee:


Why I'm Moderating This Forum


I have been creating my own graphics since I first started putting up websites in 1999. Back then I started my first site as a hobby and I was mostly working with photos for backgrounds and images but every now and then I'd open up MS Paint and save a .jpg to use on my website. It was amature for sure but at the time I wasn't too worried because I was just playing.


Then in 2001 I started building my own websites for business and I knew I needed a good program. For a few years I played around with some free programs, then Photoshop. Around 2004 I discovered Gimp and fell in love with it because it allowed me to do everything I needed to do to create professional looking graphics without having to constantly pay for expensive software updates.


Currently I run my own website design business which is mostly a solo operation (not multi-va) where I create all my own graphics for client sites, graphics like website headers, advertising buttons, email signup forms, etc. I also recently partnered with Tawnya here at VA networking to run a Web Graphics VA Specialist VASES training program!


I'm looking forward to chatting with you, figuring stuff out together and in general having fun!





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Hi Angela!

I am reatively new here and still starting up my VA business. I aspire to grow into the graphics area. I am completely amatuer but love to learn new software. Thank you for mentioning Gimp - I will have to check that out!

I too had PhotoShop many years ago..but now it is just too much of an investment to upgrade for this newbie.

Since you are established and experienced now...would you still not consider the investment of the new offerings from Adobe - specifically the monthly/yearly cost of their Creative Cloud package? Just curious. :)

Thanks - I look forward to reading and learning more here!


Best regards,


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Hi Natasha nice to meet you and hear about your goals in the graphics area!


You know as far as adobe goes I haven't looked up their offerings in a long time because I'm really happy with Gimp and what I can use it for in my business.


I'm not familiar with what the Creative Cloud package offers but I just looked it up and see the price is $50/month. It looks to me like that package includes their whole suite of products which is a very powerful offering but to me it would be complete overkill compared to what I need and my clients need.


I think the foundation for good business graphics includes just a few key elements:

- Branding (could be colors, fonts, logos)

- Copywriting (telling people why they should care)

- Call to Action


I get all that from Gimp and I grab stock photos and images from DepositPhotos to pull it together. To me it's not about Graphics Design but using the software to create marketing pieces for promoting a business.


Hope that answers your question :)

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