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It's summer -Do you want to be held accountable?

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We had a good turn out at our VAjot on June 28th. Don't forget that the time has moved up to 1:00 pm PDT (4 pm EDT) and I'm sorry the rest of you will have to determine your own times based on where you're located.


My question to you is do you want to be held accountable during the summer months? My girls are in their early 20s and home from college for the summer. I don't have to worry about what to do with them during the day. They also like the fact that if they want me to out with them during the day, as long as they've given me notice and my schedule allows it, I can spend time with them. They understand that I work from home, but they also want to spend time with me (of course, usually not on a weekend that could interfere with their plans with friends).


So is your business taking a hiatus for the summer or do you continue to work with your clients? Is this the time that you take to review your business and make plans on what you will begin to implement in September?


If your business continues to go forward during the summer, do you want to be held accountable? Make sure that those tasks that you have on your "to do list" for your business actually get addressed or even completed?


I've been talking about the need for me to re-vamp my website to bring it more in lines of where my business is now and not where it was when I started my business. Initially I thought that I could do this by mid-July, but after looking at my schedule, mid-August is more realistic. Once I get my website updated, I then want to begin on social media for my business. I'm probably one of the last holdouts (as some VAs have told me). Okay so I like to plan and make sure that I know what I'm doing before I do it. So my next business-related project will be developing social media strategies for my business. No I do not offer social media as a service to my clients, but I do let them know that it's something that they need to consider for their business. So if I am recommending it to them, I need to start using it myself. Besides thanks to Tawnya, between VASES, VA Virtuosos and the free Thursday webinars, I have a lot of information to get me started on my social media plans.


So I've given you what I need to be held accountable for, what about you? Is there something that you need to be held accountable for? Please let me know and we can help you stay motivated (no, Dana, that doesn't mean you can "break out the whip" -LOL).

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