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What program could you not live without in your VA business?

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I was just thinking about how much I rely on all these programs companies have created to make our life easier.


I rely on Logmein as I travel so much and it helps me easily access my home computer or my clients computers as well. I think if I had to I could probably live without it but it would just take a lot more planning on my part to get organized before traveling.


What is one program you can not live without in your VA business?


I also really rely on Dropbox and Google Docs or what is now called Google Drive for content sharing.


We actually use Google Drive every day to help manage VAnetworking in real time.


Imagine if Google Drive just shut down one day. Do you backup all your documents that you keep in there? Something to think about.

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It's not a software program that I couldn't live without --it's my laptop. If it wasn't for my laptop (and of course my hotspot, that allows me internet access wherever I go), I wouldn't have a VA business.


Since I use several different programs for my clients (no, they don't all use the same programs), it would be impossible to determine which one of the many that I could not live without. [Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, QuickBooks (Accountants version), Capsule, Freshbooks, vTiger, Dropbox, Camtasia, AnyMeeting, Adobe Acrobat Pro X, Evernote, Logmein, EConz, InsynQ, Text Message (cell phone), e-mail, Google (calendar, docs) -those are just the ones off the top of my head.]

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There's a few that I use daily:

  1. MyHours.com
  2. Dreamweaver
  3. Google Drive
  4. Dropbox
  5. Roboform
  6. Paint Shop Pro
  7. Filezilla
  8. Photoshop
  9. Cloud Berry
  10. Camtasia
  11. Jing Pro
  12. Skype
  13. Wordpress (of course)
  14. Gmail
  15. Phone
  16. Google Calendar
  17. Word

Those would be the biggest ones for me & what I do. My husband uses Quickbooks Online to manage our bookkeeping.

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I rely on Outlook for my email, calendars and to do lists and would be lost without it. Saying that, I'm slowly moving over to Google for everything.


Carbonite is a godsend for my remote backup.


I'd be lost without Dreamweaver, CuteFTP and Photoshop too!

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I refuse to just pick one and you cannot make me! LOL!


ManyMoon (our project management tool - which we are leaving soon for Teamwork PM, I think, my operations manager is dealing with that).


Gmail - god, I couldn't do ANYTHING without Gmail.


Quickbooks (and increasingly, Kashoo)




Dazzle and Dymo postage (I get angry when I think of the HOURS I lost in the post office!)

Not software, but my ScanSnap is my lifeblood!



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All my Google stuff, Zoho Projects & Zoho CRM and I think after that would be Wave Accounting - makes managing my books much easier.

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I am just starting my business, but I plan to use a number of software programs:


1) Quickbooks for my own bookkeeping

2) WordPress to develop my website

3) Excel and Access as I hope to do a lot of spreadsheet and database work (I love organizing data)

4) Dropbox

5) Google Docs

6) Dragon for some speech writing I do

7) ArcGIS (I have a background in Geographic Information Services, so I plan to do some geodatabase and mapping work also)

8) Outlook for mail, calendar, and task management

9) Word and Publisher


I am sure I will add others as things get moving.

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