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Are you professional enough?

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One of my many mentors once, told me that an expert is someone who knows more than the other person,but what is a professional? how would you define what is professionalism in an online environment?


I read, an article about two months ago, that the author, was not happy, she went into a department store, and was well groomed, in her mind a true professional in her field, but no one served her for quite awhile,they spent a lot of time with a person dressed in drab, just because, they thought this person might have more money.

of course, the article was based on depleting customer service, and how not everyone is treated equally.


But, if this woman, had taken her time to groom right, what reason was she not viewed as an equal to the person, who just threw themselves together? does this also; apply to the internet? do you think more attention goes to those who just wing it, or are the more professional people the ones you invest in? how do you determine, if someone is professional or not based on first impressions?

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In the online world, first impressions are usually someone's web site and/or "meeting" them on a social network. It's tough to judge professionalism period - but online possibly more so.


Just because someone has a less than stellar web site (which is subjective to one's personal opinion), doesn't mean the site owner isn't professional.


Same is true by meeting someone in person: how they dress isn't always an indicator of their business professionalism.


So in any case, I prefer to judge after I get to know someone a bit better. I've known some very well known internet marketers that in my opinion, were not very professional and the back end of their business was a mess. Looks can definitely be deceiving. ;)

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Am I professional enough?


Hmmm... the real question would be... Do I care?


And the answer is... sometimes. I like to believe that I put out a professional attitude, but I also find that people hire people they know, like and trust. I've also found that when I drop the "always professional, all the time" thing that clients flock to me. I'm just myself. Those that have known me know that, for the most part, I'm pretty straightforward. Don't ask me a question if you don't want the answer - I'm not going to placate you.


At the same time, I'm also very friendly - maybe overly so sometimes - but I am my business. I choose to surround myself with good clients and team members that I honestly like. I won't work with someone that I don't like. I would hope that they wouldn't work with me if they didn't like me either.


Either way, I must be doing something right. We keep our clients very long term and I keep my team members very long term. I also genuinely like both groups and we have a steady stream of people not only interested in our services, but also that come in the door. We probably have a lower conversion rate than others, but again, I qualify people pretty heavily.


Not sure if that's where you were going... I'm rambling a bit :)

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I know that many folks consider my biz name "The Virtual Office Goddess" and my slogan "Why Hire A Mere Mortal When You Have Access To A Goddess?" as very unprofessional. Frankly, I don't care. And I really don't want to work with those stuffed shirts, anyway. :D I think my biz name/slogan both provide a very good sense of ME!


I consider professionalism to be how you personally present yourself and your work. I don't denigrate or degrade other people or their work, and I provide the best quality services I can - period. This is why I have long-term clients that provide word-of-mouth referrals to me.


As far as the article from the gal that was dressed/groomed nicely and not waited on quickly - that's more a reflection of the training of the staff in the store she patronized than anything else. Looks can be deceiving, but attitude cannot. Just sayin'...

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