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Tawnya Sutherland

The Virtual Assistant Report - August 18th

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Hi Members,


Here's your VA Report to keep you "IN THE KNOW" with informative and entertaining resources for your virtual business success this coming week!



A Note From Tawnya



Many may not know this but my daughter, Danielle Beauchemin of Super Sonic Virtual Assistant Services (http://supersonicservice.com), works for me in my business. I thought it appropriate to talk this week about the pros/cons of hiring a family member.


Hiring a family member could be a great decision or the worst choice you ever made. It all depends on their skill level, willingness to learn and dedication.


Lucky for me everything worked out absolutely fabulously and this month I'm celebrating a two year anniversary of having my daughter work for me!


Often times people bring on family members because they need work, even if they don’t have the necessary skills to do the job. This means you are paying somebody who’s not contributing much to the company. And you will feel very guilty about firing them, so you might have to keep them for the long term. This means they could slack off, knowing you will not get rid of them.


That’s the downside.


On the upside, if they are a good worker and have the skills needed or are a quick learner like Danielle was, hiring someone within your family has obvious benefits. For one thing, you know them and hopefully can trust them. A family member working for you might also feel an obligation not to let you down. You can feel good about the fact that you are providing them with a skill that they can take forward in their lives and create a career out of. Or maybe you are bringing a family member into the business to learn the ropes so you can eventually retire and know that your business will be in good hands left to family.


A bonus for me is that working with my daughter full-time has brought us closer together. We share more common interests in business which brings some interesting shop talk discussions up over family dinner.


Are there financial benefits to hiring family members? Yes, from a financial side it definitely makes more sense to bring on family members. I know for me, hiring my daughter and training her was cheaper for me than sending her off to college. And her hands on working knowledge she gained in Internet Marketing is not something she could have even received in school. It also felt good knowing my money was going towards helping my daughter live financially.


Hiring a family member may also provide you with a tax deduction, while keeping the money in the family. This can be a great strategy in terms of switching money between people in the company. It doesn't break any laws, and will spare you taxes but do check with your accountant first as every country has its own tax laws. For instance, if Sally brings on her husband Bob, she will be able to pay him a salary, and then write that off as a business expense. Therefore, the money will stay in the family, but will still be tax deductible. Saying that, you can’t pay them a ridiculous amount or it might alert the tax police who are fully aware of the tax advantages of this strategy. Therefore, they do not allow you to pay your family members significantly more than the standard rate for the job they are doing.


It may save you on health coverage as well. If Sally is covered under the same policy as her husband, she may be able to deduct that policy as a business expense because both work for the company.


So the bottom line is, there are risks and rewards from hiring within your family. Whether it works or not all depends on who you hire, your patience level and your desire to make it work.


If you hire a family member with a good work ethics and who has the skills necessary, it can work out very well for your business just like it did for me. However, when you hire somebody who doesn’t have the right skills, it can backfire on you unless you are willing and able to put in the time and effort to train them.


So don’t ever just bring a family member in for the tax advantages or to be nice. Make sure to carefully evaluate their talents and their desire to learn about your business. Feel them out and make sure this is what they really want to do in life. Do they have the desire to work for you?


The main thing to remember is not to bring in anyone just because they are family. If you wouldn't hire them if they weren't family, then don't hire them.




Virtual News You Can Use NOW!



1) FINALLY! After over 50 applications, The VA Virtuosos Seminar speakers have been chosen! I'll formally announce it on Monday to my entire network but wanted to give our newsletter members the first opportunity to grab a seat as they sell out fast. In fact, there are ONLY 79/100 seats left and I've not even started marketing it yet!


Once again I've lined up 20 engaging speakers who will each present a webinar for you for only $19! And these are no ordinary speakers either, they are your business colleagues, Virtual Assistants just like you who are thrilled to share their knowledge working virtually to their peers. Our theme? From One Virtual Assistant to Another... :)


This is the online Virtual Assistant conference that sells out everytime we hold it (and we hold it twice a year). This is our 6th series and once again we have 20 webinars for you for only $19! Seminars that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home office via our online webinar platform. No commute expenses involved! All you need is a computer with speakers (or a headset) to listen with, an internet connection and YOU! Held over a period of 5 days between September 24-28th, 2012, you will have access to 20 educational webinars (PLUS one bonus webinar the week before on how to “Become a VA”, all focused on you, the Virtual Assistant to help you grow your VA business.


I'm only announcing this to our newsletter readers first and formally will announce it on Monday so hurry over and check out the fabtabulous speaker topics and grab your seat at:





2) Want to Get YOUR Virtual Assistant Service Business Up and Running By September 1st, 2012?


This globally proven, acclaimed business service start-up system with detailed instruction by The VA Expert, Tawnya Sutherland, is designed specifically to get your Virtual Assistant business up and running easily, quickly, without the stress of doing it from scratch in just 30 days. Tawnya has helped over 600 entrepreneurs successfully get their service business up and running already!


If you’ve been wanting to get your VA business up and running easily and quickly, then this virtual business start-up system is just for you.


Check out the $400 discount at VA Coupon Deals to get your virtual service business rolling sooner than later.





3) Once again I heard about a Virtual Assistant who had their computer fail and they lost everything on their hard drive. We work virtually so why not back up your files virtually? Check out the backup system I use keep my files remotely safe! 15,123 hard drives crash every day. Don't wait until it's too late.






VAinsiders Club MotiVAtor



Success takes commitment. The most important aspect of success is not how quickly you achieve your goals, but rather that you commit to doing whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality. Even if you take baby steps towards your goal, the important thing is that you are moving towards that goal. Once you get the momentum going, try not to stop because regaining momentum is even harder than starting.


Receive more motiVAtional moments plus business strategies by Becoming a VAinsider Club member today!


Your VAinsider Club membership starts at only $7/mth. Not much to pay nowadays to help your business get the upper hand in the virtual service world. What are you waiting for?


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Webinar Schedule - Mark Your Calendar!




There will be no webinar this week as we are in the process of switching over to Adobe Connect for future VA Training & VAjot Social webinars. View upcoming webinars: http://www.vanetworking.com/seminars/


If you missed Kathy Goughenour speaking on "4 No-Cost Methods of Marketing Your VA Business to Get More Clients!" watch it here:






DATE: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 1PM PDT

LEVEL: Supercharge Only

SERIES: Thriving Accountability Series

TOPIC: Policies for Business


Effective policies are an important aspect of any business. Many of these policies are understood, but not written or provided to those that are affected. This class will give you ideas to get you started in determining what those “unwritten” policies in your business are. Once you have written these policies out it will be easier for you, your support systems and your clients to adhere to and respect these policies.


Login: http://vainsiders.com/proactive-vas/




Who’s talking about what at the Forum...



If you haven't joined our FREE Virtual Assistant Networking Forum http://www.VirtualAssistantForum.com you are sorely missing out on a huge resource for your business. With over 15,000 registered members and over 136,000 topics and posts, you'll find the answers to every question imaginable about virtual assistance. And if you don't find the answer, then just post your question and within minutes someone will kindly help you out.


Our Motto: No question is ever stupid, stupidity comes from not asking when you have the opportunity (VAnetworking.com) to do so.




**You must be logged into the forum to view these else you will receive a message saying "Sorry, we couldn't find that! Maybe you need to login first" Membership is FR-EE so signup and learn from each other :)


Hiring a competent SEO firm



Share Your Home Office



Using Contests to Promote Your Brand




** Follow our hashtag on Twitter for new topics daily at our forum #VAforum




Are You Networking With Other Virtual Assistants?



Super Affiliate Handbook






Don't forget to be seen by getting "IN THE FACE" of your target market >>> Potential clients and VAs looking to outsource! Comment today at "The VA Blog"






YOUR Weekender Freebie



With Zoho, you focus on your business while they take care of the rest with apps that help you get more sales, get paid, support your customers and make your business more productive. I really recommend checking this site out (Yes, it's FR-EE to use). They offer collaboration, business and productivity applications to help you run your business, manage information your and be more productive whether you are at the office, at home or on the go. Check out all their applications to help you become productive, efficient and profitable.





To Your Virtual $uccess,


Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of The Leading Virtual Assistant Networking Forum Since 2003




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