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Hi - I just created a new FB fan page for my fledgling practice. I have a personal FB page and on there a linked page to my other business (yes I like to be busy). The VAMMI.com page is separate from that as I set it up with my business email. I thought that would keep things cleaner. But I've seen some posts here that say you should link to your personal page. Here is what I have:






Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

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In the past, it's always been best practice to keep your personal profile separate from a business page on FB. However, FB is making tons of changes, one of which is restricting who can see the posts on your FB page: this is among those who have chosen to like your page and receive your status updates! FB is now trying to get fan page owners to pay to promote those posts so that their entire "like" fan base sees it.


At first, I thought this was going to just be on FB pages, but apparently not. Within the past week or so, FB released promoted posts on personal profiles too. It's very frustrating.


So this all goes back to, FB is a tool. It's free (for the most part), but we have no control and certainly do not own FB and even the info we put on FB could be taken down at any time, without warning, if FB chose to do so.


In that light, I simply use FB to drive traffic back to my own site that I do own and control. So if FB went away - my business would keep running and I wouldn't have lost any of my content and would not have lost my only means to gain new clients.

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Thanks Traci - I'm thinking that way too. But I noticed that my new page is just hanging out. I think if I "added" it to my personal page at least I might be able to get more "looks" and "likes". I think I'll work on moving it next weekend.


Adding that I am also trying to drive traffic to my new site. But realizing that if the FB page can't be found, I can't get likes or people visiting my site. :-(

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