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Cathy Drappier

Choosing Your Target Market

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There are steps to completing any task, including developing your marketing plan. In order to make your marketing work...you need to market to the correct people! So...how did you choose your target market, what were the key factors in helping you narrow that target so you could start building your marketing plan?


I'd start off....but I haven't narrowed it down yet, I'm looking for suggestions!! :-)

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Hi Cathy,

  1. Make a list of all of your skills
  2. Determine which skills you truly enjoy and have a good mastery of
  3. Determine who would benefit from services built around these skills. For example, newsletters...who uses newsletters as a form of marketing or a form of getting their information into their customer's hands?
  4. Once you have this target market then get specific and narrow it down more. For example, doctors narrowed down to pediatricians, narrowed down to pediatricians who are located in a specific region or work with patients of a specific conditions
  5. Compose all of the your marketing messages to appeal to the most narrowed down group and speak directly to them; using language and keywords found in their common language and usage. Your messages will immediately connect with this group and weed out others = this is a good thing. Place your marketing pieces where this niched group would anticipate seeing them. It may include social media, for example, it may not. Not all marketing mediums fit all niched groups. As you research this narrowed niche the answers will present themselves.

Happy marketing,



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As I have worked in various industries over the years, I just looked at which of the industries that I enjoyed working with.


Like Ruth said above, inventory your skills. For me, I put three columns on a piece of paper. In the left column, I wrote down the skills that I enjoyed doing (loved) in the right column, I wrote down the skills that I didn't enjoy. In the middle, was the ones that I had no strong feelings about either way.


I then looked at my target market and my skills to determine what would be a good fit (or match).


I also agree with Ruth's comments regarding marketing.

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