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Tawnya Sutherland

BLACK FRIDAY 50% OFF Virtual Assistant Sale

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American members! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. I just finished watching the Macy's parade on TV and even though I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving is over now I'm in a festive, giving mood.


So, to celebrate with you I'm offering a virtual Black Friday sale that will last throughout the weekend...


50% OFF five of our most popular Virtual Assistant products if you use coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY



1. WANT NEW CLIENTS? If you are looking for new clients then look no further than our VAinsiders Club. Our busy job board is always sporting new prospective client jobs to fill up your practice. Not to mention, we offer you LIVE webinar training all through the month to keep you educated on how to find and maintain your client base and much, much more!


50% OFF all YEARLY membership levels at VAinsiders Club:


VISIT: http://www.VAinsiders.com



2. NEED VA TRAINING? Our Virtual Assistant Specialty Education Series (VASES) training programs will further educate a Virtual Assistant in areas of business that will help them gain more clients, market their business, build their business service list and give them the credentials to help them stand out from their competition. Areas like website marketing, web graphics and social media to teach you how to make more money with your skills.


50% OFF all VASES Training Programs:


VISIT: http://www.vanetworking.com/vatraining/vases/



3. NEED BUSINESS COACHING? Are you are a Virtual Assistant who is just starting out and needs some rock solid advice “what next?” Or maybe you already have a VA business but you’re feeling really STUCK in your entrepreneurial growth? Tawnya Sutherland’s VAmotiVAtor Mentorship Program will help you clear the clutter and take revenue-generating ACTION! Your next business breakthrough could be just around the corner!


50% OFF Tawnya Sutherland’s VAmotiVAtor Mentorship Program:


VISIT: http://virtualassistantinabox.com/virtual-assistant-coaching/



4. LOOKING TO READ? Welcome to the VAnetworking’s series of informative eBooks for Virtual Assistants and entrepreneurs they network with. Our Virtual Assistant eBook Series will educate, inform and entertain business entrepreneurs who work virtually from home.


50% OFF all VAnetworking's VA ebooks:


VISIT: http://www.vanetworking.com/vatraining/virtual-assistant-ebooks/



5. WANT CREDIBILITY? Then it's time to get your Virtual Assistant Worldwide Certification. Upon being VAcertified you will be able to:


- Let your clients know you are VAcertified

- Display the VAcertified Logo on your website and in your promotional materials

- Be listed in the VAcertified Directory

- Use the designation in your signature “Your Name, VAcertified”

- Receive a VAcertified certificate to frame & hang on your office wall


50% OFF Virtual Assistant Worldwide Certification at:


VISIT: http://www.VAcertified.com



For all the above 50% OFF offers, make sure you apply this coupon code upon ordering: BLACKFRIDAY


These offers expire November 25th at midnight.




Tawnya Sutherland

Founder of VAnetworking.com

Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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Good afternoon!


I am a relatively new VA and was just reviewing some of these great Black Friday deals. The one I am most interested in is the VA Insider's Club which gives you inside access o the job boards. Before purchasing, though, I am just curious on the feedback from others on how successful using these jb boards has been for their business.


Any input is much appreciated!

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