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What do I call my niche?

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I finally narrowed down what I want my niche to be and who I want to market to. Problem is...I can't think of what to call this service/niche. My plan is to provide special events reminders (ex. birthdays, anniversaries, secretary's day, valentine's day...etc) to high level men and women who have such busy schedules that they forget important dates. I will provide a reminder and ask them what they would like me to do. I can have flowers delivered for them, gifts delivered, reservations made, cards sent, etc. to the important person in their life. Most of us don't like when significant others or family members forget our birthdays. I will be able to remind them and take care of the gift buying.


My brain has a block. ha ha.. I do not know what to call this service or how to go about researching the market for it. I also have no idea how to go about buying the gifts for them while not using my own money. I'm sure they will not just hand out their credit card number to me. haha


Any tips or words of advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated! :)




Ultimate Virtual Assistants, LLC

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Since many use Send Out cards for similar card services check to see how SO is marketing and what categories they are appearing in. Your business will want to appear in similar types of searches. Also explore how florists and gift companies are posting so you'll be appealing in those searches.


Make a rough list of things that people would search to find you and see what kinds of sites you find. Are these sites anything near what you'd like to do? Yes, then you're on track. No, then try other search words. You're trying to narrow down the keywords that others will use to find you and then you'll be able to determine how to market your niche in way that others will quickly connect to.


All the best,


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When someone wants to hire you to do their shopping, charge them a deposit before you start doing anything for them. If they say, "I want you to find a gift for my wife, and I want to spend about $200", charge them a $200 deposit and then bill them for your time after that.


You might want to think about doing gift research/ordering as a flat fee type of thing: figure out the average amount of time you'd spend looking for something, and then have levels - Up to a $100 gift: $167; $100-$200: $227, or something like that.

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The more you get your feet wet with this service, the easier it will be. You'll likely be able to create a list of "Customer Favorites" and then work with the vendors that offer them to give a discount, or cross-promote.


Think: high-end, custom designed jewelry; spas; leather artists (that can create wallets, portfolios, briefcases, even); custom seamstresses or needle artists.


One of my clients was a multi-millionaire and he had a jeweler he liked to use that would create custom bracelets for his wife. His wife only wore a gold wedding band (she had "ugly hands" - according to her), but she LOVED bracelets.


When you cultivate relationships like that, this will become easier to you.

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I told someone about where I am going with my business and who I want to target. I was told "don't they have secretaries to take care of that stuff for them" and "don't people just use the "buy gift" on FB to take care of that?" Good points but got me a bit discouraged. :(

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