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Tawnya Sutherland

Giveaway! Learn WordPress Free – Just Comment to Win :)

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You need to know WordPress to be a competitive VA in this industry, it's just that simple.


Sure you can learn a bit by playing around with the free software yourself or by searching Google and YouTube. There's a lot of great stuff out there but it takes a whole lot of time and patience to sort through to get to the good stuff. Also, when you get stuck you won't have anyone to call on to look at your specific issue and help you get past it.


That's why I highly recommend you get a WordPress COACH to help you learn how to make your own VA website AND to help you increase your billable rates with new WordPress services.


What to Look for in a WordPress Coach...


This coach should be someone who can teach you long term for one low price. Also it would be smart to pick someone who's been building websites for years and has installed hundreds of WordPress sites. Of course you also want someone who knows the virtual assistant industry from the inside out.


I happen to know just the lady.... Angela Wills of Website Design Mojo.


You may have heard of Angela or attended one of her webinars at our network in the past. We've often partnered with her to deliver content-packed webinars that so many of you have loved and got excellent advice from!


This Won't Cost What You Think...


Angela's popular WordPress coaching program is happening again for the 13th time. She's helped over 200 people set up WordPress websites and she can help you too!


In Website Design Mojo you'll learn how to build a WordPress website even if you've NEVER built a site before. You'll be guided through a series of training videos, live Q&A webinars, weekly assignments and even get real hand-holding with daily email coaching. It's all here and the value is incredible! Angela prides herself in offering one of the ONLY WordPress training programs that give you immediate access to a coach with over 13 years experience in website building!


Now you might expect to pay thousands for this kind of ongoing attention – but you won't! Angela's price is truly a steal when you could easily pay $2000 or more for a website design, $400 a month for email coaching, $300 for a video course and up to $100 per weekly workshop. That totals more than $3000!


Not only has Angela made her program affordable but she's also offering me a $100 off coupon code to pass on to you, see it below.


Here's where to get more information and to grab your spot (hurry, class starts January 14th):


$100 off Coupon Code: mojo


Why Take WordPress Training & Coaching?


Want to know why this could be one of the smartest investments you can make in your business (learning WordPress web design through this course)? Here's why:


You'll get lifetime retakes of the course making this the 'course that never ends'.

1. You get personal email coaching from Angela, making this a very unique opportunity to build your website with someone at your side at an amazing price!

2. You'll pay 1/10th the cost of a professional website design yet have the knowledge to build, update and maintain your own site and your clients sites!

3. Angela's been building websites for over 13 years - to put it bluntly she knows a bunch of stuff you don't and can teach you how to avoid mistakes and jump over stumbling blocks!

4. Even if you don't want to build your site yourself, taking Angela's course can save you thousands of dollars wasted hiring designers that don't deliver. You'll know exactly what you need and you'll recognize who you should hire to get it. This is priceless!

5. You'll have access to all the course videos, resources and training materials indefinitely. You'll also get a unique inside look as Angela shows you live how to build a brand new website with WordPress.


Check out the site to see examples of real student creations, video preview, bonuses info and more:


$100 off Coupon Code: mojo


I know you'll love the course and be very happy with Angela. I sure wouldn't have sent my daughter, Danielle, who now works on all our VAnetworking sites to take Angela's course if I didn't trust her completely!


Oh and one more thing! Do you want to WIN this program? Angela was generous enough to allow me to give away her course to one person. All you need to do is comment on the blog and let us know WHY you want to win it:




To Your Virtual $uccess,


Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

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