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Tawnya Sutherland

FREE VA Training Webinar: YouTube for Virtual Assistants

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Have I got an interesting speaker for you this week at our FR-EE VA Training webinar to help you boost your VA revenue stream in 2013!


TOPIC: YouTube for Virtual Assistants


SPEAKER: Krizia (aka Miss K)


But before I go into the details of our FR-EE VA training webinar on how to attend, I wanted to share with you a bit of information Krizia told me about last week on the phone…


Krizia told me that in the next 12-18 months, 90% of all traffic on the Internet will be directed to videos!


What this means for you, the VA, is that most of your current social media clients will want to take advantage of this upcoming Video Revolution.


In fact, a recent Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry report reveals that businesses & entrepreneurs plan on increasing their efforts on YouTube by a whooping 76%!!!


Can you see how this can seriously increase the revenues in your VA business in the upcoming months?


According to experts, few savvy entrepreneurs & business owners (about 10%) have been quietly leveraging the power of video marketing to attract IDEAL clients to their business!


You see, contrarily to other methods, which force entrepreneurs & business owners to chase after clients, video is a powerful strategy that allows their ideal clients to come to them (instead of chasing after those clients)!


When you combine the power of video and video sharing platform like YouTube with the reach of Social Media, entrepreneurs & business owners can really open themselves up to attracting a LOT of clients ready and willing to buy their products or services.


If ONLY 10% entrepreneurs & business owners are quietly leveraging the power of video marketing to attract IDEAL clients that means that the other 90% of entrepreneurs & business owners haven’t started yet!


So why aren’t they taking advantage of the same opportunity?


According to my good friend Krizia, it’s because most entrepreneurs are already too overwhelmed to even consider learning how to use YouTube to leverage their business even further on the Internet.


That’s GREAT news for you!


It means there’s a HUGE opportunity for you as a Virtual Assistant or a Social Media Virtual Assistant to help that 90% pool of potential eager clients and also to significantly increase your revenues!


So how do you get started if you don’t have the skills to support those clients yet?


Just join us for our complimentary Virtual Assistant Training Webinar this Thursday to find out:


LINK to WEBINAR ROOM: http://vanetworking.adobeconnect.com/vatraining


(No password required, just enter as a guest)


DATE: Thursday, Feb 21st, 2013


TIME: 1PM PST (Vancouver, BC, Canada – UTC/GMT +08 hours)


(We only have 100 seats so please arrive early. The recording replay link will be sent out to my network after the event in case you can’t make it).


SPEAKER: Krizia (aka Miss K)


TOPIC: YouTube for Virtual Assistants


GIVEAWAY: Every attendee will receive a bonus gift from Krizia!


During this information-rich session based on Krizia’s own experience with video and YouTube since 2008, you will learn the steps to take to become a YouTube Pro and help support your clients’ growing need with video. This session includes:


• Why is video so important for your clients!


• Why you don’t need any prior video or YouTube experience to start supporting your clients within the next 30 days.


• How to become a YouTube Pro in 10 minutes.


• The different types of videos your clients will need you to promote on YouTube.


• Why clients expect to pay more for video services and how that help increase your fees!


• The new feature that was updated in February 2013 that will send entrepreneurs RUNNING to YouTube.


Krizia will stick around after the webinar to answer any of your questions about YouTube!


About Krizia (aka Miss K)


She is an Entrepreneur, Video Show Host, Speaker & International Author!


In just a couple of years of having a vision to first create an online beauty magazine and then a health magazine, she was able to sell both of them in May 2011 to American investors for several tens of thousands of dollars.


One of the most valuable assets during the sale was her YouTube channels that had over 200,000 views with a small handful of videos.


Since selling her two online magazines, Krizia has launched two online video shows and has interviewed over 140 international guests.


Many of Krizia’s guests have been interviewed by network giants like The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, CNN, Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Show, Larry King Live, Huffington Post, Forbes Woman, O Magazine, Essence Magazine, People Magazine, NBC News, Fox News, The Anderson Cooper Show and many other major newspaper and magazines!


In this FR-EE VA Training webinar, Krizia will explain how as a VA you can Increase Your Business by 30% Without Spending Any More Money & Without Getting New Clients ... AND allow you to bring even MORE value to your clients!


You DON’T want to miss this!


LINK to WEBINAR ROOM: http://vanetworking.adobeconnect.com/vatraining


(No password required, just enter as a guest)


Hope to see you there ;)


To Your Virtual $uccess!

Tawnya Sutherland


P.S. If you’re looking to add value to your clients in the coming year and seriously INCREASE your revenue, you’ll definitely want to attend this training.

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Hi Tawnya,


As a newbie and just starting the VAC, I would like to take as many webinars as possible.


Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to this webinar, as well as most webinars, as they are scheduled when my kids are just arriving home from school.


Are the recorded versions of all webinars available?


Thanks for the help.


Denise Oliveira

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Learn This New Service to Offer Your Clients and Increase Your Revenue Stream


For the past couple of days I decided to add to my marketing skill-set by educating myself and enrolling in Krizia's online YouTube Marketing course for Virtual Assistants.


You can read all about it here:




But don't order it just yet if you are interested. Why? Because after I went through it I learned so much from this course that I begged (and pleaded a bit LOL!) Krizia to give our network of VAs a special discount over and beyond what she offers at her website above which is offered below in more detail.


I was SO inspired by her course and how I could offer these niched YouTube marketing services in my business that I even bought the domains virtualassistantvideo.com and videovirtualassistant.com while listening to her webinar this past week. If you missed that one hour webinar you can still catch it here:




FREE GIFT: Here's link to the free gift she offered all attendees on the webinar. Make sure if you do nothing else that you at least sign up for that because you'll learn some cool YouTube stuff you can relay to your clients:




OK, back to why I'm emailing you today about this course. Being that I am a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist and already offer YouTube marketing services to my clients (at $125/hr!), I honestly wasn't expecting to learn much from the course that I already didn't practice in my own internet marketing company.


SURPRISE, SURPRISE! I picked up at least 10 NEW fabtabulous tricks of the trade to further enhance my clients success on YouTube:


1. An invaluable trick to get my video up on the first page of YouTube

2. How to avoid being served my client's competitor videos at the end of their YouTube video

3. Ways to monetize my client's videos further than I already was doing.

4. How to setup playlists to create further views of my client's videos

5. The ninja comment strategy to getting my client's channel viewed more often

6. Different ways I hadn't thought of to distribute my client's videos beyond YouTube

7. New tools I'd never heard of before that will allow my client's videos to get more views

8. How to remove those ugly black frames around my client's videos

9. Ways to leverage big names in my client's niche to benefit their video views

10. A really cool way to optimize my client's videos to rank them high in the search engines


And these are just the tricks I, owner of my own internet marketing company, learned over and above what I already know after 10 years of experience marketing my client's videos on YouTube.


A bit about this video marketing course...


There are over 75 training easy to watch and learn videos (anywhere from 2-10 minutes long each) under the following 5 modules:

1. Introduction & YouTube Case Studies

2. Getting Set-Up on YouTube

3. YouTube Optimization to Get Maximum Views

4. Marketing Your YouTube Videos

5. Other YouTube Strategies


If you or your clients are trying to market your videos on YouTube, you won't want to miss this course. It is a very comprehensive course on video marketing which will give you, the VA, a very valuable niche service to offer your clients and make you TOP DOLLARS!


NOTE: 90% of all traffic on the Internet will be directed to videos and if you don't have the skills to support your clients in this business growth area, you are going to miss out on some big bucks in your pocket!


Did I mention I make $125/hr offering my video marketing services to my clients? ;)


OK as promised, here's the special offer I convinced Krizia to give us...


If you bought this course last week during the webinar, don't worry! Krizia is doing partial refunds as I type this so all of you who already bought it will also get the discount. THANKS KRIZIA!



Here's the special offer Krizia and I came up with for our network:


* Special promotion exclusively for VA Network members of $197 instead of $297 (that's $100 discount) OR 3 payments of $68 instead of 3 payments of $107 until March 3rd, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.


* Those who buy Krizia's program will be added to a directory for entrepreneurs looking for help with the YouTube marketing and this directory will be located on our main site for entrepreneurs: http://www.AttractMoreClientsEasily.com


* In the coming weeks, Krizia will be adding new training videos on 4 new platforms where you can share YouTube links and she'll be doing training on new updates on YouTube!


* Lifetime access to your member area so you always have access to over 75 video marketing tips and strategies.





(Krizia has the regular prices on the sales page but upon checkout you'll be offered the sale pricing above only until March 3rd then pricing goes back to the regular price).



I TRULY FEEL this is a very specialized niche that no other VAs are offering yet that I could find online except myself. Its a very lucrative service to offer your clients so I wanted to share with my network...


To Your Video Marketing $uccess!


Tawnya Sutherland


PS: Don't forget to at least pick up your FREE GIFT from Krizia to learn some cool YouTube stuff you can relay to your clients:



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