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Tawnya Sutherland

Outlook 2010 Not Sending Forwarded emails

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My outlook started acting up today and the only reason I noticed was because some emails I had forwarded to Danielle were not being received by her while I was on the phone with her.


My Outlook sends fine and the receiver receives it (testing with my gmail account) if I create a new email and send it.


Problem is I can't go to my sent box and forward any of these emails if I'm using the default email account for sending. If I forward with any other emails in Outlook it works, just not via the default account. Very odd!


Has anyone else come across this problem?


Hostgator has no answer for me as emails seem to send from my webmail so they don't see the problem. They suggested changing my smtp port to 587 but that didn't help.


If anyone else has a solution it would be greatly appreciated. I am using IMAP and have went as far as to delete the email account I'm having issues with and adding it again but that didn't even work.



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This may be something I need to do but very confusing LOL




I tried it but found no errors.


Guess I will just have to be careful forwarding or replying to emails. If I move them to draft box, then forward it works. Very odd ;)


Just a head's up though, email you think you are forwarding from your sent box in Outlook 2010 may not be sending to recipient even though it goes into your sent box. CC anything you forward to a Gmail account possibly (that is what I'm doing) so I know if people receive it or not. I'd be curious if someone using Outlook 2010 would do this test to see what happens to them:


Whatever email you use as your default email in Outlook 2010, go to your sent folder and try to forward an email from there to your gmail account, let me know if it works ;)

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I wonder if mine are messed up since we are on the same servers? How would I ever know...


I've sent out lots and had replies to some and not to others. But that isn't unsual as sometimes people put an email off till they can get a good answer. So hmm.


I still never received your email you were trying to send me when we were on Skype

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Tawnya, I will try this and get back to you.


One temporary workaround might be..... when composing an email which you think you may want to forward to someone, blind copy (or copy) yourself so that you have the email in your Inbox, and can forward it from there. TEMPORARY fix, of course.


This seems to ring a bell, but I will make a note to check it tomorrow instead, because it's so late now. Please do post here if you find a solution.



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