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Hi there......i'm a newbie!!!!

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As far as talking prices (I think, please someone correct me if I am wrong here), that one is really not supposed to do this by law in public areas (forum I think would be a public area) although we can list them on our website so kind of contradictory isn't it? ;) Every VA e-list I've ever been on has specifics right in their membership not to talk about pricing. Yet for newbies, where do they start?


What is your question specifically?


On another note, here's all I could find in Canadian law on price fixing:


The Competition Bureau is responsible for administration and enforcement of the Competition Act, its role is to promote and maintain fair competition so that Canadians can benefit from lower prices, product choice and quality services. The Competition Act is a federal law governing business conduct in Canada. It aims to promote competition in the marketplace by stopping anti-competitive practices. Most businesses, both small and large, are governed by this Act, which contains both criminal and civil provisions.

The Competition Act provides that fixing the price of a product or service in agreement with another individual or business is illegal. The general rule provides that a vendor may not in combination with another vendor agree to set a certain price thereby creating a fixed price within a certain market. A business acting on its own and not in concert with another may use legitimate efforts to obtain the best price they can, including their ability to raise prices to the detriment of the general public. Also, conformity of prices within a given product is not illegal unless such conformity was created by a combination of vendors agreeing on a set price. For example, where competitors agree to sell their goods or services at a specified price, minimum price or maximum price and they receive profits from such an agreement, they are in violation of price fixing. Additionally, setting a price to be charged only within a certain area in order to get rid of competition or to create a monopoly is generally illegal under federal laws.



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...well....the short of it is.....i've been typing reports for a friend(?)...and after considering becoming a VA (i think i may be one already....???) i think i've been short changing myself...the reports i type are approx 5 -15 pages...for $27... :wacko: ?


i just wanted an idea of what i should be charging...i guess really i'm not that confident of my skills to consider charging more.....

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I am not sure of your typing speed but type out 5 lines (66 lines per page single spaced) and take this time divided by 5 (this will give you approximate time by line) and then times by 66. Take the final time (to type a page) and times it by your hourly rate.




6 minutes to type 5 lines


6 minutes divided by 5 = 1.2 minutes per line


1.2 minutes X 66 lines = 79.2 minutes


79.2 / 60 minutes = 1.32 hours


1.32 hours X YOUR HOURLY RATE = Amount you should charge.


I am tired tonight so please correct me if wrong and that time is just an example depending on your typing speed.


That is one way to figure out pricing per page anyhow.


I need sleep!!! :zz:



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Guest Tana

Hey, just another quick way to figure it.....I think the Standards say if you type 70-80 wds/min. you can type 4-5 pages an hour. So for a 15 page report you should be charging 3 hours at whatever your hourly rate is.


Hope that helps!



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