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Tawnya Sutherland

A Celebratory Month in the VA Industry, You Joining?

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WOW, its definitely one of those celebratory months isn't it?

We just celebrated 10 years online and if you've not heard about it yet, you can download over $1500 in prizes by registering here:

We've already given away $25,000+ in prizes and we will be giving away more during the month of September so do register! We will have a draw every Monday until the end of the month for another great prize!

Speaking of celebrations, five years ago, something remarkable happened in the virtual support community.

Quite simply it was the book ‘Becoming an Online Business Manager’, written by Tina Forsyth.

For many members of the VA community, this book gave them the strength, courage and drive to kick it up a notch in their own business and CLAIM the value they are bringing to clients. For the business owners who hire us, it created an increased sense of value and a heightened awareness of the positive impact we can make on their business growth.

In short, this book provided recognition to the virtual support industry that continuously stretches to be recognized for the value and expertise we offer. As Tina likes to say – it doesn’t matter how great an idea someone has, with the IMPLEMENTERS to bring it to life it’s nothing, and that’s where we come in as the doers.

So to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of this remarkable book and movement that it sparked, Tina is hosting a party via 5 days of celebration! GET INSTANT ACCESS HERE

BONUS >> When you join the OBM Anniversary celebration festivities, you will get instant access to a free digital copy of the ‘Becoming an Online Business Manager’ book, PLUS you will be entered into a draw for a bunch of cool prizes. The celebration also gives you an opportunity to:

- Hear from Certified OBMs re: their journey and what it takes to work at this level

- Learn what’s really going on in the OBM community and how OBMs are working successfully with their clients (and how you can too!)

- How you can take your administrative, operations and project management experience and PROFIT from your expertise (finally!)

- Ask Tina everything and anything you want to know about becoming an OBM.

Get instant access to your own free copy of the ‘Becoming an Online Business Manager’ book now and join me and Tina in celebrating this great accomplishment and milestone in the virtual support community. GET INSTANT ACCESS HERE


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