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Construction VA's?

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I currently have a bookkeeping service business (since 1992) and am considering trying to move it to a virtual system. I'm no spring chicken anymore, and would really LOVE to be able to work from an office in the back of an RV as I travel to warmer climates in the winter. :)
I currently work within the construction industry. It seems to be quite a niche. The gentlemen I work with love do their trade, but hate the paperwork. That being said, I can't imagine them being organized enough to scan documents to send to me so I can do the work remotely. Is it even feasible to work as a VA in the construction industry? Do you know of anyone that does that?
Thank you for your time and help.
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Hi there :)


We have a few construction clients. To be honest, most of them just simply cannot handle the volume of paperwork and the scanning that that would entail. Most are local to me and I send a courier twice per month to pick up the paperwork, we do the scanning and we handle the filing and all of that (we converted them to paperless for our needs). They still want all of their paper back, so I send it back to them to file. It's a tough industry as far as paperless. They are one of the last to hang on to their paper files.


If you could work out something that you have stuff forwarded to you, it might work. Or if you have a new/younger construction office that would be cool with you doing it virtually, it's totally doable, you'd just have to make sure your marketing is going to those that you truly want/need.

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Hi, I know from someone who is in the Construction industry. Still I am trying to know whether she needs a virtual assistant. I will update you on the progress. Let's cross our fingers and hope this will push through.

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If you get an interested client, you could suggest they have a minimum wage high school or college student come in a couple of hours/week to do the scanning/uploading for them.


Great idea Lily!

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