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Organization of schedule with multiple clients

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Hi everyone,

I have multiple clients now and I am using TeamWork PM for the tasks. I am wondering how you schedule your time for each client. Do you have set work times for each client? Ex. Monday & Wednesday 8-11 "ABC Company" work time. Monday 11-1 "123 Company" work time. Do you block off times in your calendar for each company/client or organize by similar tasks? Etc.





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Hi Jeanette,


I have a flexible schedule so I can drop business and do things personal on the fly if I want but I do map out a schedule of my work week every weekend so it may be different from one week to the next. I try to work on my own business 1/3 of my time and the rest I work on client stuff. My hours fluctuate depending what time I get up in the morning or when I start work (gotta love not having an alarm clock). It also depends on what my clients need. Some clients may have a busy workload that week and others may not. It really depends on what they give me to do. So do I work 9-5? Never LOL! Typically I'll work for 2-3 hours in the morning a few in the afternoon and then the bulk in the evening. I tend to break it up with personal activities but that is just what works for me. Some days I won't work at all but may catch up the next day working twice as many hours.


I use a project management system with my clients just to keep them updated on what is going on and to keep our correspondence all in one place but I don't tell them when I'm working on their work. They just know that I'll have it done by the due date. I do however have a calendar that I set up with my proposed work week and time block the work out like I said at the beginning and I plan this all the weekend before. There are always changes with the times because of life but at least blocking it out I know how much time I do have to commit each week to each client to get their projects done on time.

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I don't typically have set times set aside for clients because no day is ever the same. I have a few things that I know I have to do each week which I plan such as scheduling blog posts or social media posts but otherwise clients usually tell me what they need done and I write it down and then figure out when I am going to do it and tell them.


Most of my clients are old fashion so they don't like to use project management systems and we just communicate via email which can make a mess in my inbox, but I tend to do whatever is easiest for them. I have a project management system I use for myself, but to be honest 80% of the time I just put it in my head or on paper. I tend to use my project management system for ideas, things that aren't important that day that I want to do in my spare time and goals.


Blocking time off isn't something that I can really do cause each day is so different. I find my work on my various blogs and my own business getting shafted to the side a lot cause of my unpredictable work but I make my clients priority. And to be honest, sometimes for example, after doing clients' social media all day the last thing I want to do is mine.


One thing that is the same everyday is that I check my emails everyday first thing. I don't have a set amount of time set aside for that cause sometimes it is a 10 minute task and sometimes it's longer than an hour. But besides that, no day is exactly the same.

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For time scheduling and tracking, the tool that I have been using is the cloud based time tracking tool from Replicon. Its been around 6 years, I am stuck with this particular tool and have stayed organized with the usage of the same. Check it out here - http://www.replicon.com/time-tracking-softwares.aspx . Hope it will work out for you as well.

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